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Starbucks customers still seething over long lines

Starbucks customers still seething over long lines

If they were going to complain about something, you would think Starbucks customers might complain about paying $5 for a cup of coffee. Nope. They love that. Want to get them all in a lather, though? Make them wait in line. When “in a hurry” coffee customers are stuck waiting for their caffeine fix, they […]

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APCO Worldwide Promotes Switzerland’s Other Strengths Beginning this month, APCO Worldwide is looking to update the world’s view of Switzerland with their Swiss Touch campaign and hosting events across the US in major cities such as New York, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Events feature discussions on technology and climate change with […]

What’s the future of gun sales in Trump’s America?

What’s the future of gun sales in Trump’s America

Conventional wisdom says with a gun-friendly President in office, gun enthusiasts will breathe easier and enjoy their hobby more. This should lead to increased gun sales in a, literally, trigger-happy environment. Others say the opposite is true. The perceived threat of President Obama sent gun sales soaring, and now the industry will have to figure […]

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing - public relations

As confidence in traditional advertising tactics continues to plummet, consumers are searching for new ways to find quality products. Now is the best time for companies to focus on influencer marketing. Influencers in advertising are people who have earned the trust of thousands by way of strong online or in-person presence. They are not always […]

Elon Musk gets political

Elon Musk gets political

Vowing to take his concerns about immigration restrictions directly to the source, entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk says he will take his objections straight to President Trump. Is this announcement more bluster and PR theater from a CEO who has proven adept at grabbing headlines, or does the mind behind SpaceX and Tesla really plan […]