Elon Musk gets political

Elon Musk gets political

Vowing to take his concerns about immigration restrictions directly to the source, entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk says he will take his objections straight to President Trump. Is this announcement more bluster and PR theater from a CEO who has proven adept at grabbing headlines, or does the mind behind SpaceX and Tesla really plan […]

Profile In Personality: Rhonda Adams

rhonda adams

Rhonda Adams Medina is in charge of business and legal affairs for Sprout at NBCUniversal media. She’s been there since October 2016, and her job title is VP of Business and Legal Affairs. Outside of the office, she provides service and leadership to several philanthropic organizations. She and her family, husband and four children live […]

Keeping Quiet About Conduent – Xerox’s Marketing Strategy

Keeping Quiet About Conduent – Xerox’s Marketing Strategy

Xerox spinoff company Conduent touches about two-thirds of American households in some way, but almost no one has ever heard of it. And that’s the plan: keep it anonymous and yet make it the best while doing so. Xerox and Conduent’s chief marketing officer, John Kennedy, has expressed the company’s goal to make Conduent “synonymous […]

Giant Screen Cinema Association Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

giant screen cinema marketing

The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) is looking for a marketing and advertising agency to help giant screen museum theaters increase audience capture rates (visitors buying tickets to the theater in addition to museum admission) and overall paid attendance; develop best practices; and develop a one-day symposium in Chicago on September 29, 2017. GSCA Background […]

Apple opens up on Qualcomm with both barrels

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They say you’re not supposed to bite the hand that feeds you, but apparently, no one chose to tell Apple that. The computer and mobile giant is suing mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm for upwards of $1 billion for allegedly committing patent infringement. The kicker, Qualcomm is one of Apple’s biggest parts suppliers.

What Airlines can Teach About Crisis Communications

Southwest Airlines - everything-pr

Linda Rutherford, VP and chief communications officer at Southwest Airlines, recently shared some tips for crisis communications and making a plan in advance. These ideas apply to all businesses and are pretty basic concepts. If you don’t already have a plan, start one, and if you do, continue to update and upgrade it with the […]

PR News From Portland, Edelman, Compass, Weber Shandwick, and KFC

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Portland Communications Picks Up Henry Cook as Associate Director Henry Cook, former SpAd and Vote Leave adviser (Brexit) for Michael Gove, has been named as the new associate director for UK PR firm Portland Communications. Cook will be working with Victoria Dean’s unit giving businesses advice relating to the Leave vote opportunities available. The addition […]