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Don’t let correlation cause a bad connection

You’ve heard it before: “Correlation does NOT equal causation.” Just because it follows, doesn’t mean it connects. The same can be true in public relations and marketing. And, if we fail to respect this, we can easily confuse our audience and delude ourselves. How easily can this get out of hand? Consider the following correlations […]

20 cities vying for Amazon facility

  Amazon is a hot commodity these days, and not just with consumers. The online retailer has grown into a major economic powerhouse, and many cities want a piece of that action. After the announcement that Amazon planned to open a second headquarters, more than 200 cities signed up for consideration. Recently, Amazon announced it […]

Ronn Torossian: A Public Relations Trailblazer

torossian ronn pence mike vp

Public relation firms help businesses relate to their public and create a good image in the public eye. They write and publish local and worldwide press releases for businesses and write and distribute articles for them. Ronn Torossian is the founder, president, and Chief Executive Officer of one of these organizations. The company is called […]

Rowan College at Burlington County Issues Digital Advertising RFP

  Purpose: Duration: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 with an option to renew for one (1) additional year. Geo-target: Areas surrounding Rowan College At Burlington including Burlington County, Mercer County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, Atlantic County and Camden County. (This should be flexible and we should be able to change this at any […]

Dunkin rolls out new branding

Dunkin rolls out new branding

  Dunkin’ Donuts is being updated, and not just the logo. In an effort to keep up with the competition and respond to customer preferences, Dunkin’ is changing a lot about how it does breakfast. Recently, the company cut the ribbon on a concept store that represents the future of what Dunkin’ could be. That […]

Maverick Apparel Demands Logan Paul Stop Using Maverick Name

Maverick Apparel, a New York City based leading manufacturer and clothing company that prides itself in “building wholesome apparel brands for juniors and children” demanded today Logan Paul stop using their brand name. As the letter notes, “Maverick by Logan Paul and Maverick Apparel (“Maverick”) trademarks are confusingly similar but moreover because you have embedded […]

Sunday Night Football still struggling for ratings

With only a few weeks left in the regular season, it’s official, 2017 has been a down year for Sunday Night Football, one of the NFL’s most prominent national TV audience productions. Part of that downturn has been some of the games. National NFL viewers just don’t get as “up” for, as an example, Ravens […]

PR in 2018 – What Will it Mean?

In the coming year, there will likely be some big shifts in public relations and marketing communications, other changes will be more subtle and slow. One or two changes expected should involve a move to a more professional appearance across the board with communications firms. Some of what to expect: Shifting for the Good For […]

Facebook asking for Australian nudes

Facebook, as a social media platform, has long held strong and, while somewhat vague, mostly consistent community standards about decency on the platform. Nudity, especially of a sexual nature, is a no-go. So, it was a bit of a surprise to learn recently that Facebook was creating a pilot program to collect millions of nude […]