Uber Sending Self-Driving Cars Back to California

Uber Sending Self-Driving Cars Back to California

Uber has been in a fight for its business life since just about day one. Every time they expand into a new area, several local entities take exception. Certain politicians, regulators, unions, and other vested interests try first to force Uber out, then grudgingly accept that the market drives commerce and people with smartphones, and a […]

5WPR / 5W Public Relations: A Look Inside the Agency

5wpr5W Public Relations

5WPR / 5W Public Relations Agency Re-Launches Website, Unveils New Look And Layout  5WPR is a top 20 PR agency in the US, has announced the re-launch of its website, www.5wpr.com. The new website showcases a fresh look and feel as well as a new user-friendly layout. The new site’s fully responsive design continues to highlight […]

This Bud’s Not for Boston

This Bud’s not for Boston

Even after the Supreme Court essentially legalized gay marriage nationwide, gay rights remains a hot button and contentious political issue. Some companies, like Starbucks and Chick Fil A, have come out strongly on one side or the other of the issue. Others have been a bit more circumspect, donating to this cause or that one, […]

Profile In Personality: Rhonda Adams

rhonda adams

Rhonda Adams Medina is in charge of business and legal affairs for Sprout at NBCUniversal media. She’s been there since October 2016, and her job title is VP of Business and Legal Affairs. Outside of the office, she provides service and leadership to several philanthropic organizations. She and her family, husband and four children live […]

How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

As the adage goes, you build NFL teams through the draft, and you plug holes through free agency. If you’re a team on the verge, but you just need one or two new assets, free agency can mean the difference between a losing season and a playoff run. But, the same team can turn a […]

Boeing Announcing Job Cuts

Boeing Announcing Job Cuts

So far, 2017 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for Boeing. The year began with a much-publicized vote that saw Southern workers vote to turn down the opportunity to unionize. Now, the company has announced plans to layoff about 1,800 workers. The company says these cuts have nothing to do with the anti-union […]

What Libraries Can Teach About Low-cost Branding

Using Consumer Reviews and Influencer Marketing to Boost PR

For centuries, libraries were the only place you could go to gather large amounts of information, but the internet age, with Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, and other sites, has changed that. The other thing true of libraries traditionally is they’ve almost always had to operate on a limited budget, at least the public ones. Now, for […]

5 of 2017’s Best Content Brands

5 of 2017's Best Content Brands

NewsCred# started a new list this year of the 50 best content market brands, calling it #ThinkContent. From that list, we picked five brands to highlight and share.  For the full 50, take a look here. The full list covered 10 categories; we’ve chosen one each from five of those categories.