GOT Cameo a Hit and a Miss for Sheeran

GOT cameo a hit and a miss for Sheeran

The Game of Thrones premier this year may have been the most-anticipated premier of all time. It was certainly the most watched premiere in HBO history. More than 10 million tuned in to watch the first run, and six million more tuned in for replays or streamed the show on HBO GO or HBO Now. And, […]

Will Carmelo move to Houston?

carmelo anthony moves to houston

This NBA offseason there’s been no shortage of blockbuster trades. Summer kicked off with a major trade that sent superstar Chris Paul to join James Harden in Houston. Now there’s talk that another premier NBA star may be headed to the Rockets. And, this time, he’d be moving from NYC. Trade rumors are swirling around […]

Cardinal Pell charged, reigniting abuse scandal

cardinal pell charged with abuse scandal

Rumors flew, but no one would come out and say if they thought he should be charged. Now, that speculation is a moot point. Australian police have charged a top-ranking Vatican official in conjunction with the massive sexual abuse that rocked one of the world’s largest religious organizations. Cardinal George Pell, who works as chief […]

Rowling celebrates 20 years of Harry Potter

jk rowling celebrates 20 years of harry potter

Can it be 20 years since the world was first introduced to the lightning-scarred young wizard, Harry Potter? Yes. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in Britain on June 26, 1997. Now, with hundreds of millions of copies sold worldwide, it’s safe to say J.K. Rowling’s saga of The Boy Who Lived has […]

Shkreli in Court, Called “Maybe Nuts” by Own Attorney

martin shkreli called maybe nuts by own attorney

American consumers quickly learned to despise Martin Shkreli, after his massive increase in medication pricing when he was CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical. Day after day, Shkreli was barraged by negative headlines and denigrated on social media. Now, it seems, the stakes are much higher. According to a story in CNN, federal prosecutor Girish Karthik Srinivasan […]

Famed Actor Lewis Calls It a Day

daniel day-lewis is retiring

Daniel Day-Lewis may be the most popular actor in Hollywood no one thinks about when they make a list of the most popular actors in Hollywood. When you look at his list of credits, it’s hard to see how he might be missed. A consummate character actor as well as a potent leading man and […]

Bachelor Investigation Comes to an End: Questions Remain

bacherlor investigation comes to an end

Reality TV has always thrived on drama, but it’s not supposed to happen like this. According to recent reports, “Bachelor in Paradise” will finally resume shooting after a ten-day stoppage to investigate “allegations of misconduct” among some cast members. Misconduct? Yes. Sure, that might sound like the standard of behavior on “reality” TV programs, but […]

O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

So far this year, Fox News has seen a lot of turmoil among its biggest names. Meanwhile, other networks have been able to sit back, point fingers and grin a little bit about the negative headlines generated by the troubles suffered by their competition. Then, somewhat out of nowhere, MSNBC stalwart Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted up […]

Celebrity Hacker Who Stole Nudes Pleads Out

Celebrity hacker who stole nudes pleads out

The internet is awash in both legitimate and “fake” celebrity nude photos. Some celebs “leak” these pics to grab some relevance or to help promote a new project. Others do it “just because” … but many, many celebs are embarrassed to have their privacy invaded when nudes are posted without their consent.