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Amazon continues hiring blitz

Amazon continues hiring blitz

The American economy is changing. From a manufacturing economy in the 50s, the economy slowly morphed into a (mostly) consumer economy in the 80s and 90s. Still, despite this market shift, American business was still conducted in person, in traditional brick and mortar businesses and American malls, anchored by familiar brands and larger regional names. […]

Apple opens up on Qualcomm with both barrels

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They say you’re not supposed to bite the hand that feeds you, but apparently, no one chose to tell Apple that. The computer and mobile giant is suing mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm for upwards of $1 billion for allegedly committing patent infringement. The kicker, Qualcomm is one of Apple’s biggest parts suppliers.

PR News From Portland, Edelman, Compass, Weber Shandwick, and KFC

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Portland Communications Picks Up Henry Cook as Associate Director Henry Cook, former SpAd and Vote Leave adviser (Brexit) for Michael Gove, has been named as the new associate director for UK PR firm Portland Communications. Cook will be working with Victoria Dean’s unit giving businesses advice relating to the Leave vote opportunities available. The addition […]

News From Talkwalker, AppNexus, LANE, and Google UK

Talkwalker Raises Funding for AI Powered Internet Analytics for PR and Marketing

Talkwalker Raises Funding for AI Powered Internet Analytics for PR and Marketing Talkwalker, a top social media analytics firm, is headquartered in Luxembourg and has another office in New York. They just secured funding from Dutch investor Main Mezzanine Capital to push forward with social media listening platform development to expand their team. Much of […]

Samsung had a great 2016 — really!

Samsung had a great 2016 — really

If you are judging just by the standard news headlines, Samsung had a pretty rough 2016. From some of its phones exploding and, eventually being banned on U.S. airplanes, to washing machines that also exploded and launched lids across the room like giant Frisbees, the company faced a pretty steep uphill PR battle.

Nintendo’s New Console Could be Holiday Season Hit

Nintendo’s new console could be the hit of the holiday season

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but it can when it’s powered by nostalgia. While some remakes and reimaginings don’t always pan out, some blasts from the past manage to make a huge splash a second time. Nintendo is hoping to catch that lightning in a bottle and cash in this Christmas season with the […]

JetSmarter Celebrates Art Basel With Events, Celebrities And Digital Media Influencers


Leading private jet booking app JetSmarter has just completed another successful year celebrating Art Basel Miami, with a complete weekend of star-studded events hosted by the company’s CEO and Founder Sergey Petrossov, along with high profile partners, including Jason Binn of DuJour Media, Haute Living and others. In addition to its events in Miami, celebrities […]

Oops – Twitter suspends the account of its own CEO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Recently, Twitter has been in the news a lot, talking about plans to block or suspend accounts of people who post objectionable content to the social media network. The main targets of suspensions have been members of the so-called “alt-right” movement, which some people call patriots and others call racists.