Simple Wording Mistakes to Avoid

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From our earliest childhood memories we can remember sitting in a classroom and going over a spelling list. Spelling is our language at its very basic stage and is an integral way for us to get our point across to others. When words are spelled incorrectly or used in place of other words, your meaning becomes distorted. This can lead to a great deal of confusion and embarrassment.

This is why it is vital to read over any papers you write and emails and text messages that you send. You do not want to mix up six for sex, bare for bear, or mail for male. Not only is this confusing to a reader, it also makes your work appear sloppy and unfinished. Getting in the habit of reading your work out loud a few times beforehand will allow you to catch any mistakes.

Take a look at the infographic below to see a few more common examples of words that get mixed up when it comes to spelling.

spell what you mean

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  1. Mihaela Butler says

    It’s an OK list. I wanted to see more there, like its vs it’s, were vs. we’re, their vs. there; weak vs. week; and so on. :) And really, who confuses six for sex?

  2. Laura Spencer says

    Good list. I saw one of these the other day when someone posted that they planned to go “bear foot.”

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