The Native Village of Eyak (“NVE”) is soliciting proposals and rate information from professional web developers (“Proposer”) to provide design and consulting services related to a redesign project for NVE’s main web site. The Native Village of Eyak, a federally recognized Indian Tribe, seeks a qualified web developer to design and implement a completely new, organization-wide web site. The current web site has an outdated design, is not optimally organized, and is difficult to maintain and update.

The primary objective of the new site is to provide current and relevant information to a variety of audiences in a way that is well organized with a professional appearance. A key part of this objective is to provide a framework where content can be easily updated and maintained by each department. The intended audience includes NVE Tribal Members, NVE Tribal Council, clinic patients, program beneficiaries, funders, potential employees and contractors, potential customers, and the general public.


Native Village of Eyak is a federally recognized tribal government located on the southeastern shores of Prince William sound in the North Gulf Coast of Alaska.

Our territory is the traditional meeting place of four peoples, the Eyak, Aleut, Tlingit and Athabascan.  Prince William Sound, Copper River Delta and the North Gulf Coast were shared between them. War and peace reigned alternately within a brisk trading business. The arrival of the Russians and subsequently Americans greatly impacted our way of life and culture. We strive to preserve and restore that culture through our many programs and services.

We are governed by a five-member elected Council who upholds our constitution and bylaws and directs an executive director to implement projects and programs according to an approved strategic plan.

Scope of Work:

The layout and graphics need to be modern, clean, and coherent.

                •Authorship of content must be distributable to each department, with authors able to add pages and define text/images/videos within pre-defined layouts.

                •Event calendars must be available as a content option. Ability to link to news and events content items from the calendar (and vice versa) would be a plus.

                •No java or flash elements

                •Clean presentation of fillable PDF forms.

                •Common desktop web browser compatibility. This includes Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Opera for Windows and Mac platforms (where applicable).

                •Common mobile device web browser compatibility. This includes Safari, Chrome           Mobile, Samsung Browser, Android Browser, and Firefox for Apple iOS and Android devices (where applicable).

                •The site needs to be fast and responsive. Page loads on an average PC or mobile device must beunder two seconds on average and never more than five seconds.

                •In-site search needs to be fast and accurate.

                •Robust site analytics.

The wish list items are less critical to the primary objectives of the new site but are still very much wanted. NVE wants to include as many of these items as possible within the scope of this project and requests that the Proposer estimate the cost to implement each individual item. Even if some items end up being excluded from the scope, the core web site must be built in a way that allows them to be added later.

                •Login portal for Tribal Members. This would be used to present relevant information and event calendars and to allow the management of robocall/email/text subscriptions.

                •Login portal for Tribal Council. This would be used to present potentially confidential information and event calendars to council members.

                •Login portal for job applicants. This would be used for application submission and management.

                •Integrated HTML Web Forms.

                •Search Engine Optimization.

                •Vector-based refresh of the existing NVE logo design.

Due Date:

August 30, 2019


Andy Pfeiffer IT Coordinator Native Village of Eyak

Relevant agencies to consider include Shift Communications and Zeno Group.

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