3rd Coast PR: Agency Profile

3rd Coast PR is a public relations agency that was established in 2011. From its office in Chicago, the agency has experience working both with consumers as well as business-to-business media and marketing relations. They pride themselves on creating creative, as well as dynamic, PR programs for their clients for which it has received plenty of industry awards.

The team onboard 3rd Coast PR is known for customizing each program and strategy for the different clients it works with, in a way that will really address each business-specific challenge. The team starts out by getting to know the businesses of the clients in detail, while also providing thorough leadership throughout the programs they create.

The agency has an on-board team of experts, however, it also researches and then recruits third-party experts for when they need to work on business-specific approaches. This way, both the agency and the client will have a source that will deliver trusted information throughout the campaigns.

The team of PR professionals also collaborates with those third-party experts to develop research that further supports the messages that the clients want to present to the target audiences. Additionally, these professionals also create impactful content, whether that’s for social media, websites, microsites or general media placements, to add even more meaningful messages for the consumers that have multiple touchpoints.

Aside from creating extraordinary PR programs, the agency also provides on-site event management as well as trade show support. It also has a proven track record of excellent media placements in online publications, in print publications along with the broadcast.

The team that works at 3rd Coast PR is made up of experts in the public relations field, many of whom have spent significant portions of their careers working on understanding the challenging world of consumer public relations. This is a team that truly understands all of the challenges that brand managers and marketing teams face, on a daily basis, which is why this agency is a true partner to each and every one of the clients that they work with.

Furthermore, the team of experts at 3rd Coast PR has a passion for combining all of their combined experience and add it to the deep analysis and understanding of each client’s business. This way, they can truly create a successful as well as unique PR campaign that will lead to a positive business outcome for each client.

The founder of 3rd Coast PR, Rich Timmons, created the agency due to his passion for helping clients successfully launch their new products. With over two decades of experience in senior marketing positions, he managed to structure his agency in a way that each of the clients has the benefit of his expertise and experience.

3rd Coast PR focuses on creating PR campaigns for several different industries, including hardware, food and beverage, pets, kids and family, housewares, and B2B. Some of the businesses that have worked with 3rd Coast PR include Nature’s Variety, Lakeshore Learning Store, Nest, Quaker, Serta, and Winpak, among many others.

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