Amy Bouzagio: Exclusive Statement on Closing Amy’s Baking Company

Amy Bouzagio

If you don’t know this story, here’s the basics. Samy and Amy Bouzagio appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare (aired May 10, 2013). They were the owners of Amy’s Bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona. This episode was notable because it was the first time in the series’ history Ramsay was unable to finish the transformation and then the social media nightmare (possibly a sequel series in the future) ensued. People posted their thoughts about the couple and their restaurant. Claims were made of excessively bad behavior and verbal abuse of customers by the pair. Their food was called into question though the desserts were always enjoyed it seems.

Claims were made that both of them had previous history of violent or criminal behavior … and neither Bouzagio waited long before they began mouthing off – sometimes in rather offensive manners – on various social media platforms. Everything PR wrote about the story, partly because of the bad PR choices being made by the couple and partly because of their connection to Bob Parsons, as their landlord and for a very brief time, their PR representative. We note this letter is pretty calm, but also Amy has no problem throwing others under the bus several times in the letter.

Everything-PR Official Reply from Amy from Amy’s Baking Company

Amy Bouzagio of Amy’s Baking Company Responds to claims made in a recent op-ed on Everything-PR by Richard D. Pace entitled, Bad PR Helps Close Down Amy’s Baking Company Nightmare.

Below you will find Amy’s response in its entirety (though we fixed some spelling and grammar errors to make it an easier read).

It has been very upsetting to have our name continued to be pulled through the mud.

The simple truth is we never reached out to Kitchen Nightmares to help us. A casting company asked us to be on the show.

The show was as fake as Gordon’s hair, they set us up and edited us to look like lunatics because the did not like how we told them to leave after the second night of filming.

Gordon Ramsay sexually harassed me during the filming, they set us up and endangered everyone involved.They also made up a bold face lie that we were stealing or “keeping” our servers tips.

This was only done to try and harm us and our reputation.

The ironic thing is a few months after Gordon did that to us he was sued by 16 of his servers at The Fat Cow restaurant in Los Angeles for not paying them their full wages, not giving them proper break time and failure to provide their full tips.

LOL Karma.

He ended up closing the restaurant (he lost it) he owes the Landlord money for rent and he has several other Huge judgments a giants him from other Landlords and vendors for non payment.

We have been in business for over 9.5 years.

We have never had one lawsuit and we have never owed money to anyone.

The truth is Gordon is a lying bully who gets paid to destroy people lives and lead them to suicide.

He has terrible Karma coming to him, unfortunately it is well deserved.

The publicity did not hurt our business! We have been very very busy since the show aired. We decided to stay 2.5 years to prove to the WORLD that Gordon Ramsay & Upper Ground Productions lied to all of their viewers.

We decided to sell our restaurant. We did not lose it or close it because of bad publicity!

We sold it, we are financially whole and very strong. We are also dedicated to continue to set the record straight one person at a time if that is what it takes.

We love our new Landlords, they had nothing to do with us selling. Our new Landlord is Bob Parson the owner of GoDaddy. He and his team YAM properties are the most incredible professional people we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Our previous Slumlords (Karlin Real Estate) were one of the reasons we decided to sell. We had the worst Landlords imaginable for three years. Finally we decided after 9.5 years we were going to sell and peruse several other opportunities that have presented themselves to us.

August 31st was our last day.

The new owners will be opening a Wine Bar R&B Food and Wine.

We have Trademarked Amy’s Baking Company and we continue to move forward.

We will be selling our desserts exclusively online and we are also building a Studio Kitchen for filming Baking and Cooking Video Demos.

I have written my first CookBook “Baking with Amy”

I have also developed a story that will be turned into Comics, A animated Video game and eventually hopefully a animated digital movie.

We are also working on a video and book that tells the true account on what really happened behind the scenes during the filming of KN.

It is very important that people understand that we did not lose our restaurant,we sold it.

We never stole our servers tips, we would have been sued and arrested.We were investigated after the show by DOL and we have been cleared from any wrong doing.

The simple truth is we put Gordon Ramsay a paid BULLY in his place and he didn’t like it and his “team” didn’t like it.

He admitted himself that we knocked him flat on his ass.

The show was as fake and the producers asked us to lie. We refused they set us up. End of story.



Editors Note: The views above represent those of Amy Bouzagio of Amy’s Baking Company in response to claims that Amy’s Baking Company closed due to bad PR created from their appearance on Kitchen Nightmares; a Gordon Ramsay reality television show. Share your thoughts on the situation in the comments seciton below. 

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  1. john morgan says:

    I think your delusional and a liar not to mention a hypocrite. Can you prove to the rest of the world that Gordon actually sexually harresed you. Show me the evidence all you do is criticize everyone and you think the world revolves around you and only you. You realize that the world existed before you were born Right? As far as your comment on karma I think that will hit you soon enough. We clearly seen in the episode that all you did was harrass little teenagers out of there hard earned money. At the end of the day Gordon has many successful restaurants and you don’t. I think you need serious help and therapy and lots of meds. You should have a legal guardian watching over your every move just in case you hurt yourself or others. I think you are a serious danger to society. We all know you married your husband for his money then wasted it on a failing restaurant. If anything you should be ashamed and embarrassed. Please don’t ever reproduce that could cause serious harm to the world. Honestly I think your one the most disquisting creatures I’ve ever seen. Its quite scary to know individuals like you actually exist and were born. Please do us all a favor and die.

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