Anderson Group Public Relations Agency Profile, an independent research firm, has ranked Anderson Group Public Relations fifth among franchise PR agencies in the U.S.  Anderson Group Public Relations received this #5 ranking in July, August, and September of this year. And while two of the top five ranked franchise PR firms identified their clients to, three, including Anderson Group Public Relations, said the information was confidential.


The founder of Anderson Group Public Relations is Liza Anderson. She must have had an inkling that she would end up serving famous clients because her first job out of college was as a production assistant on “Working It Out,” an NBC comedy starring Jane Curtain and David Garrison. As the saying goes, “It was love at first sight.” In an interview with HuffPost, Anderson said she loved celebrity PR the minute she walked in the door and that it never seemed like work to her.

 After years of working alongside noted celebrity publicist Warren Cowan, Anderson launched her Los Angeles-based agency, whom she described as the godfather of PR. That was in 2008, the same year Cowan passed away. By 2010, she had quadrupled the size of her agency.

Anderson began her career at BWR Public Relations, another top-rated celebrity firm, by working closely with two of its principals. While working at both agencies, Anderson quickly learned that crisis communications skills were especially important in working with celebrities because of the scandals, both real and false, that often arose.

Other Specialties

In addition to celebrity public relations, marketing, and crisis communications, as well as branding and marketing for franchises, Anderson and her staff of more than 25 specialists in her Los Angeles and New York City offices also focus on tailoring their research and strategic communications around a creative commitment to great ideas and storytelling.

What also sets Anderson Group Public Relations apart from other agencies is its emphasis on achieving its mission and successfully serving its clients. They often work 24/7 to achieve this because, as Anderson put it, there are no sets of rules or scripts that guide their day-to-day tasks, and the agency is a participative one where the staff are expected to respond quickly in dealing with crises involving clients.


In addition to being a premier PR firm for franchises, Anderson is noted for its celebrity PR. Some of the agency’s clients include Jonathan Goldsmith, Eva Longoria, James Brolin, Jerry Ferrara, Terry Crews, Nia Long, Keegan Allen, and Michael Emerson. Fashion designer Tan France, award-winning spirits company Martin Miller’s Gin, and beauty brand Winky Lux are others.

Anderson’s roster of other well-known people includes athletes, chefs, best-selling authors, musicians, comedians, medical experts, stylists, and corporate executives. Anderson acknowledged that one of the main goals of many clients is to gain more exposure. The agency also represents several other clothing lines, consumer brands, and beauty brands.

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