Argentina Public Relations Firms: Here’s Five Great Ones

City of Argentina

Argentina is a large nation – and there are some great PR firms in the area.  Some we think highly of:

Nueva Comunicación

Nueva Comunicación is a strategic corporate communications company providing consulting and management services to public and private organizations of the consumer, transport, energy, and finance services. They also work with pension systems, education, health, technology, and entertainment. With a thirty-year track record of practically flawless service, it’s no surprise this company is the main consultant for the Press and Public Relations of Argentina.

Nueva Comunicación uses its wide register of expertise to deliver dynamic, effective, and competent results producing the best communication strategies for each client’s unique needs. Some trusting clients they’ve represented include Citi, Emirates Airline, HSBC Bank Argentina, Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World, Panamericano Buenos Aires Hotel & Resort, and the Argentina Chamber of Commerce.

X Comunicación

X Comunicación is a four-member interdisciplinary team of sociocultural development using expertise in design, art, and communication to explore and experiment with diverse technologies, methodologies and communication from an open, critical and participatory approach.

Although this organization is not a company in the traditional sense, the participatory nature of their services keeps them relevant. The group provides space and resources for managing projects, training, research, experimentation, and the exchange of experiences on subjects of communication and the arts. They promote research, experimentation, marketing and the exchange of specialized expertise.


Edelman Buenos Aires embodies the economic dynamism and cultural diversity of Argentina’s most iconic city. EBA’s fluency in the many cultures of the city markets their public relations programs consistently, and without interruption. Clients of the firm include AstraZeneca, Norton, Amadeus, and Samsung, all hired EBA to create, coordinate, and manage regional programs in twenty markets simultaneously, without any hiccups often suffered by overextended PR firms. EBA specializes in consumer, entertainment, corporate and financial communications, public affairs, digital, technology, and health. Using professional expertise, the firm brings compelling public engagement campaigns to key stakeholders. EBA introduced some of the world’s most reputed brands into Buenos Aires, helping them improve visibility and reputation in the nation.

Ketchum Public Relations

Ketchum Argentina reflects the great passion of Argentina. In the last decade, they’ve worked with Dos, Delta Airlines, DuPont, and Hilton Buenos Aires. They specialize in Brand Public Relations and exercised this skill with numerous Unilever brands like Rexona and Ala, Cadbury’s confectionary, and Pernod Ricard, the second biggest alcoholic beverage provider in the world. KA also provides PR for healthcare powerhouses like Roche, Galderma, Wyeth, and Lymphoma Coalition. Ranking among the top five agencies in all of Argentina, KA’s 40-person team uses passion and creative inspiration working with clients from around the world.

Burson-Marsteller Argentina

Burson-Marsteller Argentina received the honorary 2002 Jerry Goldenberg Award from the Editorial Dossier magazine labeling it the Best PR Firm in Argentina. Open since 1994, this firm offers communications services in wholesale, comprehensive packages beyond Argentina’s borders, extending to Paraguay and Uruguay. BM is the only public relations company in Argentina with local and global power. They specialize in media relations, environmental communications, corporate positioning, consumer marketing, mergers & acquisitions, public affairs, crisis management, and advertising.

We are sure there are many others – but here’s a few we think seem strong.

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