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Ronn Torossian: Insights from a Native New Yorker and CEO of 5WPR

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Improving Video Marketing Efforts

Video content has started prioritizing with some of the most popular social media platforms. This type of content also tends to be quite dynamic and shareable for many audiences. Many other benefits come with...

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Side hustle ideas

People often take up side hustles when they are looking for alternate ways to make money. They might have financial goals or they might be looking forward to earning from projects that they are...


Overcoming entrepreneurial anxiety

Compared to non-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are more prone to mental health conditions. They suffer from anxiety attacks, triggered by their lifestyle, which has workdays with no structure and boundaries. The journey to success never did...

Social Listening

Social Listening Mistakes

According to research, over 60% of companies these days are utilizing social listening tools and platforms to keep track of what consumers are saying about the brands. However, despite the high number, most businesses...