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12 PR Hacks to Boost your Brands Visibility

2021-07-12 by Ronn Torossian

The primary objective of a PR campaign is to boost a company’s or brand’s visibility to their target audience. There are many conventional as well as unconventional methods that can be used to increase a brand's visibility. Referral Programs Referral programs have been successfully employed by many companies to promote their services and products. For an added perk, many existing customers of the company will be willing to refer the product or service to others. Guest Posts A company can create guest posts for reputed publications in order to promote their products and services. The content that is submitted to... Read More >

The importance of complaining customers to marketers

2021-07-05 by Ronn Torossian

According to marketing expert Theodore Levitt, “ One of the surest signs of a bad or declining relationship is the absence of complaints from the client. The client is either not being candid or not being contacted. Probably both. The absence of candor reflects the decline of trust, the deterioration of the relationship.” Complaints can be transformed into opportunities for a business to grow. Complaints can be difficult to handle at times, but complaining customers can be valuable for the growth of a business. Given below are the ways customer complaints can benefit a business. 1) Identifying areas for improvement... Read More >

Using Instagram to build a brand

2021-06-28 by Ronn Torossian
3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

There’s no sign of Instagram slowing down anytime soon. Instagram is not just about choosing filters to transform images and sharing them with others. Studies have shown that on Instagram, users are more likely to be shoppers than on any other social networks. There are nearly one billion active users on Instagram, and its brand engagement rate is the highest of any social media platform.  90 % of users follow at least one brand on Instagram in order to get perks and giveaways. How and why this hub of business activity is effective is given below. 1) Content optimization -  just any content will... Read More >

Monetizing a blog

2021-06-21 by Ronn Torossian
10 Value Investing Blogs to Check Out!

A blog considerably improves website SEO and increases the strength of the online presence of a brand. A blog can garner mass attention and go viral. It can bring business, recognition, sales, and traffic. With skilled marketing, a blog can be successfully embedded in consumers’ perception of a brand. The following list might help to increase engagement with a brand with the help of well crafted blogs. 1)  Add authenticity- To turn visitors into subscribers, a blog must be filled with knowledge, expertise, empathy, and individual taste. Readers will get a sense of credibility if they find the given content authentic.... Read More >

Boosting Social Media Marketing Strategies

2021-06-14 by Ronn Torossian
Social media

In the past couple of decades, social media slowly crept into consumers’ lives until it became their focal point. These days 7 in 10 Americans are on social media - Brands and corporations took notice of this change, and ever since then, social media platforms have offered platforms for the highest quality marketing strategies. With a well-executed social media and digital PR strategy, the benefits for businesses are endless. A strong social media strategy can bring a lot of positive results for companies including connecting them with target audiences, increasing website traffic, making more sales, increasing brand awareness, and much more. All... Read More >

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

2021-06-07 by Ronn Torossian
5 Digital Marketing Strategies Used in Healthcare you can Use to Sway Business in your Favor

Although the pandemic led to many aspects of people’s daily life being paused or completely shut down, many small businesses have started looking for ways to adapt to the new situation. Some of those small businesses found excellent digital marketing opportunities that help them stay afloat during this difficult time. Additionally, digital marketing has always been a useful and helpful way for businesses to expand their revenue and their reach. Although it was a very difficult time for everyone all around the world, good business leaders managed to navigate it successfully despite the uncertainty. Plenty of them invested in social... Read More >

7 Ways to Rehabilitate a Struggling Brand

2021-06-01 by Ronn Torossian

The online reputation of a business is of critical importance today. It takes steady effort to build up a dependable presence online but it only takes a couple of unfavorable reviews or mentions to knock it down. With little or no control over what is being said about organizations on digital platforms they can improve their reputation when something threatens their standing. 1)      Values - Each organization has a set of core values that set it apart from other organizations. It adds clarity to its identity and serves as a forum for its employees. Meaningful corporate values such as integrity, customer experience,... Read More >

The Value of Evergreen Content for PR

2021-05-24 by Ronn Torossian
branded content

Content marketers and Public Relations professionals have been talking about the importance of evergreen content in PR and marketing strategies for years. That’s because this type of content is very helpful, as audiences find it useful long after the content has been published. Evergreen content is also a great way for brands and corporations to rise above the current news cycle through giving long-term advice and providing expertise that others can refer back to multiple times. What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen Content centers around an evergreen topic - essentially, topics that never become outdated. These topics have consistent search volume and interest... Read More >

Why press releases are still relevant

2021-05-17 by Ronn Torossian
images 1

Companies have used press releases to get media attention for decades. A typical press release will contain for journalists the contact info of the main person behind a given project or event, information about what is happening, and facts. A press release is not an article; it’s one page of information. Most communications and public relations professionals know what a press release is, but not everyone knows when to use it and how to use it effectively. Writing a press release does not mean media outlets will write a story about it. The important thing for journalists are the questions... Read More >

SEO Trends to Drive Traffic in 2021

2021-05-10 by Ronn Torossian
seo trends 2021

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian on SEO Trends to Drive Website Traffic in 2021 Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to generate organic traffic to websites seeking to create online sales. However SEO keeps changing, making it hard for websites and businesses to live up to their potential unless SEO is implemented correctly. There are 3.5 billion searches conducted daily, and very few searchers will click on page two of the results. So it becomes very important to ensure your website ranks on the first page of a search engine.  Core Web Vitals Google announced its three new... Read More >

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