Get the Latest in Communication at AWC National Conference, “Worth Every Penny”

The 2013 AWC National Conference, Worth Every Penny, held October 18-19 in Springfield, IL. at Hilton Springfield, focuses on the need for communication specialists to use their personal brand and/or businesses to charge fees that reflect their value. Industry experts from around the US will present the newest trends in digital communication, which should leave attendees educated and motivated.

AWC National Conference, “Worth Every Penny”

Sarah Petty, co-author of Worth Every Penny: Build a Business That Thrills Customers and Still Charge What You’re Worth, will be the keynote speaker who will open the conference. Sarah is a highly-acclaimed international speaker who inspires people all over the world and teaches small businesses how to compete in any economy without using price as he only lever.

Participants of this event will also benefit from the extraordinary example of  international leadership seeing consultant Bonnie St. John, who is a Paralympic medalist and 2013 AWC International Matrix Award recipient. Communicators joining this event will also find out more on how to use digital applications to boost their careers and businesses from Michele Broccardo, vice president at August-January VII.

Public relations are essential for any business, regardless of size, and participants at the 2013 AWC National Conference will learn tips and techniques that will help them in their everyday business lives from PR expert Amie DeLuca, who has created strategic reputation management programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Adobe consultant Clint Funk will explain for participants how they can have achieve a better ROI on your software investment, while Mary Yurkovic, a content strategy community builder, will focus in her presentation on how to create great social networking content.

All those interested in participating at this important conference should know that early bird registration discounts are available until Friday, Sept. 13.

I hear may discussions and see posts on various blogs regarding this sensitive topic of getting paid what you’re worth, especially if you are a woman. Age is also an important factor, and I might say I had people judging me first after my age, but that were enough open-minded to first hear me out and then decide whether how much I am asking is too much or not. And the price I always asked was fully justified, based on my expertise, not on my age or gender. But I still see a lot of people accepting far less than they should for what they are doing, men and women alike.

It is always important to know yourself, to be aware of your strong points and of your weaknesses, to know how much you worth and to ask for exactly that! AWC National Conference “Worth Every Penny” sounds like a great place for communicators interested in finding out how they can develop their brand.

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