Balihoo Launches “Local Marketing Resource Center” for National Brands

Local Marketing Automation (LMA) technology and services provider Balihoo, launched the “Local Marketing Resource Center” to help national brands perform better in their local marketing. The center provides several tools needed for national brands to take their first steps in local marketing, as well as information and tools for companies already implementing local marketing strategies. Balihoo’s “Local Marketing Resource Center” features over 75 assets of local digital and search marketing content, including fresh tips, advice, research and local marketing tools.

Digital marketing tactics and marketing automation technology have opened up tremendous opportunities for national brands to significantly increase revenue at the local level, but implementing and scaling successful local marketing programs is also very challenging,” said Shane Vaughan, CMO for Balihoo. “We launched the ‘Local Marketing Resource Center’ to help national brands overcome these barriers and take advantage the opportunities local marketing offers for increasing sales and local brand awareness.”

Some of the key features of “Local Marketing Resource Center” are The Local Marketing ROI Calculator which helps companies to see how much local marketing ROI can improve, and the Going Local E-Book which was created to help brands in their early-stage local marketing efforts. Other important resources made available are the Local Web Whiteboard Video Series which features top local marketing experts providing practical and actionable advice on various topics like the Local Marketing Landscape, the Local Web, Developing a Digital Strategy that Works, and Local Marketing Research and Surveys, which allows marketers to find insights from Balihoo’s local marketing research.

The site aims to help brand managers, co-op marketers, marketing executives and digital marketers to implement successful and measurable local marketing campaigns by providing a wide area of information and tools to support them in their local marketing activities.

They are represented for Public Relations by Affect Strategies.

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