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Our society has become increasingly reliant on technology and its constant advances. With the rise in popularity of technology-heavy and data-driven solutions to everyday issues, there comes a corresponding rise in the emerging tech space. In order to properly represent businesses in the emerging, enterprise, and consumer technology spaces, an agency must be well versed in an industry full of intricate regulatory standards in a constant state of change.

This is where Seattle, Washington-based Barokas Communications prefers to hang its hat. At the helm is Karli Barokas, an over 20-year veteran with expertise in the enterprise tech, B2B, and consumer tech industries. Barokas was founded in 1998 and has since expanded to be a public relations and communications agency offering a full suite of services to a varied portfolio of clients.

Embracing the full spectrum of communications – from media relations to social media to crisis communications — and aiming to collaborate with businesses seeking to improve consumers’ lives, Barokas has positioned itself at the forefront of the future. As technology-driven companies continue to stake claim in the consumer and enterprise space, Barokas intends to serve them with a strong strategy to spur high levels of growth and value added.

The primary bulk of Barokas’ client portfolio includes businesses within the aerospace, enterprise and B2B, consumer tech, consumer lifestyle, and innovation areas. Clients listed with Barokas Communications include CenturyLink, Coachella, Ibotta, W Hotels, and the Space Frontier Foundation, to name just a few.

Barokas is dedicated to making each of its clients more user-friendly and accessible for the target consumer base through the use of innovative and all-encompassing communications strategies. It is the goal of the PR agency to position its clients as accessible solutions for their customers’ tech needs.

Case studies on the Barokas Communications website include in-depth analyses of their past partnerships with brands such as Ibotta, with which the agency partnered to achieve top quality relevant media coverage on the appropriate target platforms. Barokas flexed its ingenuity muscle throughout this three-year partnership as it worked towards over 400 million impressions for key announcements and helped Ibotta launch new product offerings such as Pay with Ibotta.

With the expert guidance of a strong leadership team, Barokas Communications continues to cement itself as a go-to PR and communications agency with headquarters in Seattle and a secondary office location in Denver, Colorado.

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