Betcris Taking Sports Betting Mainstream

Betcris Taking Sports Betting Mainstream

Two years ago, the United States Supreme Court finally repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which meant that sports betting became legal once again after 26 years. After the federal ban on sports betting was lifted, each and every U.S. state was then allowed to come up with their own set of rules for sports betting. New Jersey became the very first state that allowed both mobile, as well as retail sports betting, and plenty of other states soon followed suit. In 2020, there are 20 states in total, including Washington D.C. where sports betting is legal, ranging from the allowance of physical sportsbooks, partial mobile betting all the way to full mobile betting – and a few states where it recently became legal, so there has been no betting as of yet.

Unfortunately, not every state agrees with the repeal of PASPA and a number of U.S. states haven’t approved sports betting yet – mostly with states that already have previously established tribal gambling, and are now concerned about how sports gambling is going to fit in into that framework. However, while some states are still waiting on legislature approval of new laws and regulations regarding sports betting, the industry itself is growing with each passing day, to the point where it’s become a billion-dollar industry, with the amount of money that people have bet on various sports.

Betting Sports Popularity

Around the world, one of the biggest sports that people bet on has always been soccer – which is among the many reasons we just signed international soccer star, Ronaldinho as a spokesperson for Betcris. Within the U.S., NFL football is the most popular sport when it comes to betting. After the NFL comes golfing, which is only going to grow in popularity due to the nature of the sport, and basketball, which is a fast-growing sports category when it comes to gambling. With the popularity of sports betting in these particular sports, there are also the various nuances that come with advertising sports betting about these sports that have to follow each state’s regulations. However, it’s up to public relations to make this practice more popular and take it into the mainstream.

Public Relations and Sports Betting

It’s up to sports betting companies to start working on marketing in a way that sets them apart from their competitors and gain more new customers while establishing a loyal customer base. There are several different ways that sports betting companies can go about achieving these goals. They include sports sponsorships, which would mean that a sports betting company will sponsor a sports team as a way to raise awareness and increase the popularity of sports betting. 

There’s also event marketing, where sports betting companies will exhibit during relevant events that will encourage wagers or simply app downloads; and finally, there are the bar promotions, where sports betting companies can easily work with sports bars in a way that engages an audience that’s already there to watch teams compete

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