Flying Private Can Help Business

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Contrary to popular opinion, flying private can provide many advantages for a business, besides the obvious prestige. There are those who tell us that taking a private plane can be a great decision for their business.

Flying Private Saves Time

Time is money in business, especially when you’re compensating an executive, or you’re the executive himself with a business to run. Unlike commercial carriers, you can show up minutes before your flight, giving you plenty of time to work at the office. You can also avoid waiting in long lines and going through checkpoints at the airport, saving time.

Private Jets Provides Privacy

Ever tried working on confidential projects on an airplane? Even in first class, strangers next to you might learn company secrets with just one glimpse. On a private jet, executives can work on all their spreadsheets, presentations, and proposals without worrying about the wandering eyes of a bored traveler. They can also conduct meetings without being overheard.

Networking Opportunities on Flights

As more people begin to use memberships and deals to book private jet flights, the opportunity for networking with other entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts happens organically.
Even if it does not lead to a strong business connection or another wealthy member of your network, it could connect businessmen with niche-bloggers, engineers, and other people they could partner with on a smaller scale.

Luxury Flights Boost Morale and Performance

Private jets could help you impress your employees. Almost nothing could make an employee feel more appreciated than a ride in the company jet, or whatever private jet the company has access to.
Private planes provide a kind of luxury and pampering most employees only dream of attaining. Offer this as a reward at your company and see how many people begin to work harder at becoming Employee of the Year.

Flexible Locations

Private jets fly in and out of about 5000 airports in America, while commercial airlines have access to about 500. This provides private jet fliers with more options about where their flight departs, and where it arrives. This flexibility may also come in handy in the air if weather conditions make it difficult to land at a larger, commercial airport. Better weather could be just ten minutes away, at a much smaller location. Private jets can even change course mid-flight; allowing a CEO to return home quickly, in the case of a work or family emergency.

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