The Bishop Eddie Long Scandal and Bad Timing

Bishop Eddie Long

One of Atlanta’s, and the nations most prominent spiritual leaders, Bishop Eddie Long, is now embroiled in scandal. According to this latest shocking news, Long allegedly engaged in sexually coercion of at least two of his followers. In suits filed Tuesday at the Dekalb County Courthouse in Georgia, two male congregation members accused Long of using his position of power to force them into any number of sexual acts.

At a time when people need positive messages, spiritual and uplifting guidance, it seems leaders at every turn reveal nothing but the darker side of possibility. If the allegations against Long are proven, this will be a staggering blow to one of the most dynamic and stellar community and religious missions in America.

Though Long is no stranger to controversy, this latest scandal would surely prove disastrous for he and his congregation. Long has been labeled a honosexual by some before, but the stain of this kind of activity will taint far more than Long’s credibility there. Suggestive of Long’s influence and position among African American ministers, In 2006, he hosted and officiate the funeral for Mrs. Coretta Scott King at the request of the Dr.’s family.

Long’s attorneys told the Atlanta Journal Constitution Long “categorically denies the allegations. The 17- and 18-year-old members of Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia (at the time of the alleged offenses), where upwards of 25,000 members cling to Long’s every word, claim Long used his “spiritual authority” over them to satisfy his sexual urges. Long and this church were under some scrutiny too over financing, just the 10,000 seat cathedral in Lithonia reportedly cost $50 million to build.

Apparently attorneys for the two men feel they have a strong case against Long, but there at least one of the plaintiffs may have had other causes for filing, having been charged with a break in at Long’s office. The back and forth having already begun, B.J. Bernstein, one attorney for Long’s accusers, suggested the break in was a way of lashing out at Long.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, Long’s followers have to be shocked. What a bad time for trusted leaders like Long to be so implicated.


  1. Cherice Williams says

    I am my brother’s keeper. Bishop Long, I pray for you and your church in this difficult time. Keep your head up brother. I often wonder, if David was living today and committed the same acts he committed in the bible (going into another man’s (Urriah) wife, how would “church folks” handle it? I suppose a stoning or crucifying but God… God does not forget your labor of love. Who have worked at God’s gate and not been rewarded? “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.”

  2. Derek Williams says

    @ Pastor Jacqueline Stewart

    Your story is harrowing and I congratulate you for having survived and for all you are doing to help heal the lives of those shattered by such dreadful violence.

    But let me say this:
    What you suffered was nothing more than a disgusting crime perpetrated by a man unwilling to control his most base carnal desire to rob you of your personal liberty and happiness. Many more than you have no doubt prayed just as desperately to the same God yet their pleas fell on deaf ears, Their rape continued unabated and they were killed. Such was the fate suffered by Jews, Gypsies, Communists and Homosexuals in the World War II Nazi concentration camps of the Holocaust. Many more never heard of your God or can not believe in a divine being who has never personally manifested himself to them. But they may nevertheless have escaped just as you did by freeing themselves and fleeing.

    I have throughout my life heard the most ridiculous things attributed to divine intervention, such as a married couple on their wedding day thanking God for the beautiful weather he allegedly provided for them, while outside, the whole country was suffering the worst drought in generations.

    The invention of Satan and other nefarious influences that cannot be empirically proven such as divine intervention to my way of thinking simply connote humanity’s desire to avoid taking responsibility for its own actions. “The Devil made me do it” is just an attempt to excuse them from saying “I did it – I alone am responsible for my actions.” Repentance can and in my view should be accomplished without recourse to any religion, because only then do we know it is genuine and heartfelt.

    I can only say though that people who commit acts such as suffered by you may well pretend to change, but inside I think they’re still a danger to the community. I for one would advocate the death penalty for such crimes of such overwhelming depravity as you and others like you have endured.

    Even though I am not in any way a religious person, I still try to live my life as though there is a God. I don’t believe in leaving things up to God, because I think we have to take control of our own lives by fleeing from rapists and bringing them to secular justice. If it turns out there is a God, that will defy logic to my mind, but that is for afterwards, I am for the here and now, and taking responsibility for my own actions as far as I am able to.

    With due respect, in your positing, may I say you do what is typical of many religious zealots and I suggest you undermine the credibility of your message by shouting it with screeds of capital letters and endless biblical quotations that exhaust and bewilder the reader. Simple, practical advice and the administration of help and justice for the afflicted is the best way forward in my humble opinion.

    All the best to you.

  3. Tom says

    Why is Eddie Long hiring private investigators? The only reason I can see is to dig up some dirt on his accusers, their lawyers and other preachers, in order to intimidate them into backing off. I mean if he did wrong, he knows what it is. He doesn’t need a private investigator to tell him what he did and with whom. And, is he spending Curch money for these investigators. They accused Jesus of all kinds of lies and he knew all their sins, but he didn’t try to turn it around on them.

  4. Derek Williams says

    spelling error in my post above – should have read “allegedly” not “ellegedly”.

  5. Derek Williams says

    @ Mukayi

    Well you should know that homosexuals can be men of God too, and that men of God can be homosexuals. In the West, many clergy and parishioners nowadays can comfortably be openly gay or lesbian and are welcomed in their communities.

    Homophobia is unjustifiable against people of good character and good will, who only want to be with a partner of their choice, whom they love dearly.

    The problem with Bishop Long is that he ranted against us homosexuals while all the time, ellegedly, being homosexual himself, and not in an open and positive way, but in a furtive and deceitful way.

  6. Mukayi says

    I pray and hope the allegations are not true. The bearing of this matter on the body of Christ is too heavy- especially here in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. I wish the man of God the best.

  7. susan says

    thinks about this people: the good bishops’ knew what was happening and chose to ignore it! eddie long has boys and i wonder if he played with they lil pee wees too! after he walked on stage with his wife i told my husband that if he does not kiss his wife in the mouth-he is guilty! bam he pecked her on the cheek! she probably has not kissed him in the mouth in years because she knows what he was been sucking! and for all the stupid members who choose to blindly support eddie dick tracey long: you are following a cult:
    definition: a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.

  8. Derek Williams says

    @ liberty above

    What melodramatic nonsense. You need to do some study into contemporary science on homosexuality rather than regurgitating gobbledegook about “Satan”, for which no proof exists. Your particular denomination of Christianity may well teach that I am evil and possessed by Satan but I have never met this entity, and doubt whether he/she/it even exists.

    There are more than 34,000 different denominations of Christianity and many do not teach what you believe about homosexuality. For example the Quakers in the UK conduct gay and lesbian weddings, and there are many churches now with openly gay or lesbian clergy. It’s business as usual and the sky hasn’t fallen in.

    If you could try to be less frightened and judgemental and more open minded you might discover that we homosexuals are no threat to you whatsover, nor to the institution of marriage. The biggest threat to marriage isn’t homosexuality, it is divorce. The biggest threat to the planet is overpopulation – and again, homosexuals are by and large innocent of contributing to this looming catastrophe, mostly brought about by unrestrained heterosexual intercourse coupled with lack of birth control.

    We work and pay taxes, and fully participate in society when allowed to do so. All we seek in return is equal access to the wealth and benefits we have unstintingly participated in creating.

  9. liberty says

    pls let us being cearfull on this matter, my friend is loosing some of his familys to satan somany of them are nolonger going to church anymore because of this homosexual stulf.I we like to advise that we all go to God in praying for bishop long than to be talking abaut him.I have found out that here in america people we pay anything to bring a properous MAN down,1st it was late micheal jackson and somany prosperous people of america.My advise is still LET us keep praying GOD bless

  10. Derek Williams says

    To the self-important and judgemental “Ambassador For Christ”.

    The only problem is ignorance and prejudice, not homosexuality. First of all, think where you heard all this voo-doo you’re spouting, and then ask yourself “who told them?”

    In any case, there is nothing in the Bible that says I am living in the Kingdom of Darkness with Satan just because I am biologically wired to males, not females. If I were to marry a female it would ruin her life, because I am not attracted to her, don’t love her and have no desire to have children. Why ruin her life? She could find a heterosexual bloke who would desire her and want to mate with her. You may not love your partner but I sure as hell am not going to infict myself on someone I don’t want just to please you.

    Think for yourself instead of copying screeds out of other people’s thoughts. The fact that you use so many exclamation marks says to me are a shouter not a thinker. Not all Christian religions take the depressing view of my life that you do. Many bless gay relationships and have openly gay clergy. Finally – according to your logic if I do all these ridiculous things, it means I go to your version of Heaven and have to put with your company for Eternity. NO THANK YOU. Take me *anywhere* else.

  11. Ambassador For Christ says

    To Derrick Williams, the saying God made Adam and Eve is saying that when God made and a wife he gave him a female and not a male.
    So when he created Steve he also created a female for him as well and not a male. The Bibel teaches that everybody knows that their is a God because He has put it in their heart. Homosexuality is an unnatural thing. Homophobic what is that because God did not give his people the spirit of fear, no what we stand for is the fact that God said it is wrong and we should not do it. Derrick their is nothing wrong with being a homosexual if you are living in the kingdom of darkness because you are doing your the king of that king want you to do and the king name is satan. The problem comes in at, is when homosexuals tries to come in to Gods kingdom and say that it is okay to practice this lifestyle in the kingdom of light.
    There is nothing to debate about because the view of the king is clear on this matter. So if you choose to practice homosexuality no problem just know that you are living in the kingdom of darkness that belongs to SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Derek Williams says

    @carol on 26 September 2010: “god made adam and eve and not adam and steve”

    First of all if you believe God made Adam, you’d have to find a good reason for believing he didn’t also make Steve. If not, according to your theory of creation, where did Steve come from?

    And why ‘create’ 280 million (4% of global population) people to consign to the pits of Hell or to have to otherwise continually have other busybodies “fix up”? Especially when the majority of them never even heard of God, and are overjoyed by their positive interacion with another person of the same gender as themself and don’t believe they’re evil? And if you insist on converting all us millions of homosexuals into straight folk how are you going to house and feed 280 million babies (based on 2 kids per 2 parents)?

    Finally the anti-gay message is spread by bible-thumping, homophobic zealots foaming at the mouth, advertising Heaven as a place they’re aspiring to get into, on the assumption we want to be stuck in the same place as them for eternity? NO THANK YOU.

  13. STARCHILD says

    why do the people feel as if he owe them an apology first…if anything or anyone, its those boys who lives he has screwed up who he owe an apology to!!!!! Thats why its important to know your minister, have a personal relationship with them!!! Most people are saying that he didnt do it (we dont know) but I do know that 90% of the people in that church DID NOT KNOW THIS MAN, and has been a member for years and years!!! SMH!!!

  14. Jack says

    Spiritual Fathers – Neil Ellis – Paul Morton – Beware with your sons, they are all teh same..

  15. Tish says

    A saint is a sinner who fell down and got up…I feel like right is right and wrong is wrong. I think about the time you have reached 17yrs of age you should know better, you are consider as an adult if you committ a crime at the age of 17. So if you decide to lay down with another man you have that choice as a man not a child because you are no longer a child. So these guys are just as wrong as the preacher their under. Dont speak out now because you are mad that its other men involved. You should have done that when it first happened not years later cause you woke up angry one day. You all need to repent of your sins and get to know the lord Jesus. Everybody deserves a second and third chance to get life right thats what Jesus is for so please get to know him. I love you all my brother’s and sister’s lets not point fingers, cause we’ve all have fell short at some point. I wish you all peace and happiness and that one day this will all be behind you. Love you Rev. Eddie Long and the other three guys as well. May God be the judge

  16. britt says

    We may not ever know whether the allegations are true or not, that’s for the states attorney, court, judge and jury to ultimately decide. But if I were a member of New Birth the bishop would have to address me now or I would lead the charge for him to step down. Then elect to vote in Bernice King as interim pastor or break away from New Birth all together by starting my own church. And thus take half of the membership right along with me. For I could no longer sit under the bishop’s tainted leadership or preaching. If the head-meaning the shepherd is not right, and I’m following his teaching, then where does that leave me-the sheep. (Lost) By the way what is the Baptist Conference’s position in all of this madness and why have we not heard from them after convening.

  17. inez says

    So now that the 4th male has surfaced like I said he would in my earlier comment, and he has filed against the bishop, there’s no more doubt in my mind. I’m convinced now that there’s no need to wait till Sunday for his response, for his lack of response has now answered my many questions. And his silence while the truth keeps multiplying day by day is indicative of his stalling ploy. And if he can addresses the congregation on sunday then guess what, he can very well address them right now in faith today.

  18. sminor says

    please let us realize how we are being taken day after day by these so called men of God. You and I know that Jesus was humble not haughty like these mega preachers, flashy and arrogant. Please remember every preacher who claims to be annointed is not. So feel free to touch those who are not. How do we know? It will all be revealed. according to the bible so lets just wait and see. I do not believe these preachers were truly, called by God. Even if Eddie Long had urges to be with someone other than his wife. The bible tells us when tempted ask and the Lord will give you a way out. Stand and resist the Devil will flee from you.

  19. David Seguya says

    It seems the homosexuality scandals that plagued the life of Pr Charles Fox Parham, founder of the worldwide Pentecostal movement are catching up with pentecostals worldwide.

    in Uganda, Pr Robert Kayanja head of the Miracle Center Churches here sodomizes desperate boys and for protection, he courts State House and renovates Old Kampala Police barracks toilets. Pr Isaac Kyobe Kiweweesi of Kansanga Miracle Center sodomizes and hires Police to charge his accusers instead. Pr Grace Kitaka of Liberty Worship Center sodomizes and hires the Military and Police to torment his victims.

    Ted Haggard, Paul Crouch and now Eddie Long are not loner homosexuals. Benny Hinn secrets are yet to leak. Pr Charles Fox Parham sodomy must continue plaging the Pentecostal Movement unless they desist from the notorious gospel of extortion, the prosperity gospel.

    When pastors tout gad and gold for God, trouble must come.

    It is a high times believers quit the sodomite run churches. but they cant quit because they think sodomy is part of the anointing.

  20. ron says

    Whether the Bishop did it or not is irrelevant. The appearance of impropriety is there so the damage is done. The Bishops good name will forever and ever be tainted by this scandal. At this point he should at least speak to his congregation first out of respect, about this drama, then to us-the bloggers, the commentors, the twitters,the supporters and the naysayers. Speak to everyone universally and then step down temporarily, take a sabbatical to get his mind right and his spirit renewed. Somewhere along this road the bishop appears to have got off track and he needs prayer, for prayer changes things – Amen

  21. inez says

    I just can’t seem to get past (1)why would the Bishop take any male teenagers across the world or across the street when the boy(s) should have been in school. (2)Where were their parent(s) when all of this was going on, oh yeah giving their permission for the boys to travel with the Bishop. (3)I’m a mom to a 19 year old boy, trust me when I say, not only did the parent(s) know something was improper with their son’s and turned a blind eye, (4)but the Bishop’s most devoted and trusted aide’s knew as well and ignored the little voice in their heads that said something is wrong with what I’m seeing here, yet still they feigned ignorance. (5)And for that they all need to be held accountable as well. May God bring judgement to all directly involved and those with indirect knowledge for not doing anything when you should have, it’s called accountability. For you all know who you are. The truth will be exposed sooner than you think. God help you all.

  22. Beef Bacon says

    2+2=4. Simple as that. I think we fail to look at the BIG PICTURE and that is why some remain ignorant–

    Money should be in rotation—never stored up and kept when it is already KNOWN that poverty exist. So if you stored up wealth—what does that say about you.

    Furthermore, The Creator never said NOT TO QUESTION! That is another problem we have–we accept things for face value and BELIEVE things even when they seem to not make SENSE! If I attend any place (church, etc) and the pastor is riding around in a rolls, taking UNNECESSARY lavish trips and living in a mansion like the one above—I NEED TO KNOW HOW THAT IS POSSIBLE.

    Having or lacking money says NOTHING about your place with The Creator, because that would mean that all of the thieves (from CEOs to bank robbers), pimps, and prostitutes have more favor with The Creator—NOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE???????

    FEAR IS not of the Lord—so I am not afraid to ask WHY something is going on. If people were asking why are these young boys spending so much time with pastor or why this, why that—it may NOT have not gone this far. But NOOOOOOO–we just stand back and be IGNORANT! Because ignorance IS bliss and we would rather NOT KNOW, because THAN we have to be held accountable for KNOWING. The Creator wants us to KNOW, INVESTIGATE, and QUESTION everything, he expects this. WE should STOP behaving like automated FOOLS and take more control over what happens around us.

    And for the people who keep screaming JUDGE not—yeah well lets see you say that when a pedophile molest another child—don’t judge him right, he’s fallen , right….you can’t have it both ways. We are all judges, but The Creator is THE JUDGE and since we were made in his image—DUH—we will judge each other—-2+2=4 PEOPLE.

    Satan has control of things too (he was given this control to weed out the weak).

    Wealth does not only COME FROM THE CREATOR—-DUH! Satan is a deceiver, so wouldn’t it make sense that he uses the things that most excite us such as money, power, fame, etc to entice us. But one only needs to look at the ENTIRE PICTURE to know whether something is TRULY God-given or not. The love of money is the root of all evil… it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. The bible may be full of hints and incomplete details but it does have some CONSISTENT truths throughout!!!!!!

    Nothing is sacred anymore.

  23. Jade says

    This entire situation is sad…but I can’t help but to put myself in his childrens place. I really pray for them b/c this must be extemely difficult for them as well. Rather this is true or not the damage is done to his family.

  24. inez says

    What is the Bishop waiting for, another boy to come forward. I can only imagine what the children who look up to him and his flock of senior patrons including his parents who are his strongest supporters must be going through. If I were a member of the church he would have to tell me something right now today, not later. Sunday is to long to address his people, cause if another allegation surfaces then he could very well skip church like he did with Tom Joyner and the press conference.

  25. cheryl says

    I would like to say we all have opinions rather right or wrong and we have no problem sharing them even if it destroy someones family or character. I pray to God that Bishop Eddie Long has not acted inapproriate and taken advantage of these gentlemen, and also I pray that these gentlemen are not trying to destroy and take adv antage of this man. We need to learn how to love more and treat people like we want to be treated everyone is innonence until proven guilty yeah not in America.

  26. Lady on the Move says

    I just think the entire thing is so sad and so shocking. I am one who will wait until all the facts come out before coming to a decision. But my opinion is that I don’t think it is about monetary gain. You ask why did they wait so long? No one knows but them. Just because one of them broke into the bishop’s office does not make his allegations untrue. If these allegations are true, it is so sickening that you keep hearing about grown men wanting sexual encounters with children/teenagers and boys. The description of the alleged acts were just so disgusting. I, too, want to know where were the parents? There is no way my son is going out of town, especially out of the country with a teacher, pastor, mentor or any male alone, especially if his own son or sons are not going or another parent (female). If they were introduced to celebrities and/or politicians, then that can be verified (unless they claim they don’t remember) and there should be a paper trail. We may never know the truth because things might become “hush-hush.” But one thing for sure, you never know who is on the DOWN LOW. I’ve just never seen a pastor showing off his buffness as much as this one and why would a bishop (or any man for that fact)send photos of himself dressed as he was (tight clothing) to “young boys”? That has me baffled. Let’s see how this plays out. I just hope this is false. If there are 3, can there be 4, 5 or more that will allege sexual misconduct? The Lord sometimes takes us into troubled waters NOT to drown us, but to cleanse us. People believe what they want to believe despite all the evidence to the contrary, just remember we should never forget that we are a part of the people who can be fooled some of the time.

  27. jim says

    Bishop Eddie Long,
    I send my love and support ,as Jesus once said where is thine accusers? nether do I condemn you, for it would be better that a
    mil-stone tied about the neck of him that a-fiends my little one.
    would you judge your brother if Jesus was beside you? I and every one that has responded good or bad have had sin in our mind or acted on in our life. worry not we shall give account of our deeds done in this life, is it not his righteousness, mine is dirty rags. God said he will judge the quick and the dead.God destroyed every one of their enemy’ and not one has been seen to this day.
    Love you,Eddie
    1john 1:9 to all of us

  28. Margaret Henderson says

    To God be the glory! Where is God’s glory in all this? It gives strength. God said I am the truth and the light. What’s shining in your closet? Is it clean and swept or will seven or more enter in. Don’t kick a man while he is down because he might rise again. Let us pray for all who are invovled. Don’t point the finger because you have one on you hand that is pointing at you. He who is without sin let him cast the first STONE.

  29. BXL says

    To the individual named Bobby. I hear this so often, about people who know people who slept with someone. I would think after spewing such evil from ones mouth about gays that this person whom you say slept with him, would have came out of the woodworks and spoke up. So, if then was not the time to stand up then when is the time. Possibly now or do we continue to mums the word. The truth shall set you free. I’m so tired of these men/women who claim to be men of God being so hateful against something that really scares them to admit to themselves about themselves. It’s all a cover up… There has been so many of them hiding from themselves. You have priest in the Catholic church and you Preachers and Pastors of other denomination doing the same. I grew up in the church up until I was 18 and had seen so many of congregation that would have past for gay just by their demeanor. And, yes there are a lot of those who go and repent because of those behind the pulpit preaching such hate and how they are going to hell. Yet you find so many of them doing just what they preach you shouldn’t do. Whom are they trying to fool. Especially if God is all knowing, surely they can’t think that they are hiding something from God. Or maybe they feel if they continue to repent for the same behavior over and over, that God knows their heart and then blame the devil. The Devil has been used as everyone excuse in the world especially when it comes to the people in the church. If you ask me they give him way to much credit.. Let me just say this as my Grandmother would always tell me, everything and anything that’s done in the dark must come to light.

  30. ciara says

    I keep reading that he did it.he did it…. but how do you know? you people are only going off of whats been said.. no facts… was you in the bed with the men? no so you can not say he did it… who are you people to be putting you mouth on the man of god…you people really need to be mindful of what you say out your mouth. mr long have a family and a church that care about him and all this he say she say that on the web is not true. think if it was you an his shoes what would you do? how would you feel? If this is true he have to answer to god not us… so why you are talking be ready to answer your own sin’s… like these you posting..

  31. Jello says

    Why are they in civil court for money, instead of criminal charges being filed. For me I always find that strange. I would want the person in jail and after that you can always go after the money. When they ask for money first it is usually…

  32. Tony Skeete says

    I find some of these comments rather judgemental and critical. Regardless of the age of the victims or whether they come from one parent families or not is totally irrelevant. If the accussations are true, he is a man of God and a shepherd and had a duty of care of responsibility to “care” for the flock”. Even if these men had come onto him, he had a duty to report it to other leaders in his church immediately. If these young men do indeed have criminal backgrounds, well where was Bishop Longs, spiritual discernment as a leader to allow himself to be in situations where these kind of allegation could be brought. I say all of this because I have been the victim of very similar grooming by my EX-Pastor although I was married and by the time I felt strong enough to blow the whistle I discovered there were many other male victims. Turns out that he was a very highly skilled sexual predator and what was so amazing is that he was very gifted in the prophetic. Hindsight now realises that it was just pure witchcraft he was using with demoinic assistance and I needed serious deliverance afterwards. It’s easy to judge others, but unless you know the real truth personally, let’s just pray and fast for them all. At the end of the day we are in the end times and satan loves all of this mess. Personally from my own experience and what I have read, I believe that others may come forward with similar stories. I think that us church folk can become quite gullible (myself included) and seriously under estimate the power and influence of a “man of God” in authority over others to persuade people to do things that are against their own moral convictitons under the guise of caring and spiritual guidance. Both Bishop Eddie Long and these young men are going to need a caring, compassionate church around them not judgement and condemnation. Remember how Jesus treated the woman that was caught in adultery. Let’s show the world the true loving, forgiving, Jesus and restore these guys in the spirit of meekness.

  33. Jalysa says

    My thing is theese gentlemen are not little boys. If the accusations are true or false they knew very well what they were doing. I can not see them as victims because I don’t see the difference between them and 16 and 17 year old drug dealers hustling for money or cars? At their age I don’t see this as munipulation.

  34. Deeply Sadden says

    Everyone is placing blame on Bishop Eddie Long, but no one is placing blame on these young men’s parents. As parents we must be cognizant of these types of things. No way would I allow my teenage boys to travel abroad alone with their pastor and especially if he own kids are not present. I think their parents should be looked upon for their negligence in this matter. As a parent, I would think it would inappropriate for a grown ass man to want to take my child on trips with him and/or purchase gifts for him (RED FLAG); regardless, if he’s a preacher or the pastor. IT WAS SIMPLY INAPPROPRIATE!! This could have possibly been avoided if the parents would have spoken up and simply said NO, he can’t go. NO, please don’t buy Anthony or Maurice any gifts.

    You know, I hate to be stereotypical but I can almost bet you that Anthony and Maurice are both from single-parent homes; where their brain-washed mothers thought it was acceptable for their Pastor to and i quote “raise and rear their struggling sons.” My rationale behind that — is that I don’t know any black man (father) that would allow another man to shower their sons with gifts. Now, I may be wrong, but I am curious to find that out.

    If it is founded to be true and factual, all I can say is– Bishop Long, you wrong for that!! But I also hold their parents accountable and responsible for this as well!!!

  35. Mary Reed says

    JESUS,JESUS,JESUS. All I have to is this, if he did it God will deal with him and if did not do it people be very careful what you say about a man of God.

  36. Bishop Walter Dixon says

    September 22, 2010 6:30 A.M.

    Bishop Walter Dixon’s Official Press Release

    Re: Bishop Walter Dixon of Atlanta, GA Prayer for our beloved brother in “Christ” Bishop Eddie Long Senior Pastor Of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

    My Dear Christian Brother Bishop Eddie Long.

    I have been lead by the “Holy Spirit” to write this prayer for you and your members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and I trust this prayer will bring you and New Birth’s Members one step closer by faith to “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him. (John 3:16, 17).

    Therefore having been justified by faith, I have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also I have obtained my introduction by faith into this grace in which I stand; and I exult in hope of the glory of God. And not only this, but I also exult in my tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out within my heart through the Holy Spirit who was given to me (Romans 5:1-5).

    I’m afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed knowing that by faith He who raised the Lord Jesus will raise me also with Jesus and will present my mind, body and most important, my soul with him.

    Therefore I do not lose heart, but through my inner flesh is decaying yet my inner soul is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction is producing for me an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while I look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporally, but the things which are not seen are eternal (2.Corinthians 4:8,9,14 16-18).

    As I lay my fragile body down by faith for my Lord Jesus Christ to be near me to defend me, within me to refresh me, around me to preserve me, before me to guide me, behind me to justify me, above me to bless me. I will lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Ghost for all the remaining days of my life.

    Our Father, be gracious to your child Eddie Long, O God, according to Thy loving kindness and According to the greatness of Thy compassion. He asked for your help father hey maybe perplexed and maybe afraid sometimes for not being able to see that which the next hour may bring. God if it is your will give your child extended years to succeed his work you may have for him while he is on earth through your “Grace”.

    Father whatever may need to be done to his souls and flesh, please do it? Father once again I ask you to send your angle down from Heaven to watch over him and his family as they weather this storm as one. Father as you child Eddie Long exit this dark tunnel let him, his wife, children, friends, associates and church members all together be stronger than ever by faith in your son Jesus name.

    Bishop Walter Dixon
    P.O. Box 832161
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083
    ps. I have posted this prayer on Google, Face Book, My Space, Twitter and You Tube for others to join in with me for prayer.

  37. says


  38. LD says

    Didn’t God say in Ecclessiastes, “Judge nothing before it’s time?” I think we should wait on the facts before rushing to judgement on this one.

  39. sidder says

    Wow, that is shocking you hear this kind of stuff going on more and more now days.God will give him his just reward.

  40. Kisha says

    He can be forgiven. What saddens me is that young black men are already facing adversity in our communities. To be without safe havens, especially the “House of God”, from that adversity is pathetic.

    Whether Eddie Long is guilty or not, the accusations alone are enough to place distain on Christians and Homosexuals alike. It is completely irresponsible and selfish of anyone who claims the name of God to bring such discredit on any aspect of God’s creation, namely themselves.

    Eddie Long, if these young men have spoken the truth, STOP IT and as your true act of repentance, reveal the truth about others like you ASAP so that this farce of ‘you can’t be gay and Christian’ can end already!

  41. bobby says

    Come on people why would a grown man take a 18yr old kid who is not his son on a trip to New Zealand alone. What wre they doing for all those days hanging out?

  42. Phil Butler says

    My correction again, not splitting hairs – getting it straight, my thanks stands as per the other comment. Sometimes deadlines make for mistakes. Thanks for your contribution Bill.


  43. Ed says

    I am believing the young men’s story. Any preacher that caught up in material possessions and bling is not of God. Any preacher that is so hateful as to organize and “anti-gay” march is trying to cover up something.

    I hope people will stop idol worshipping the buffoons that they call minister.

  44. ManhattanJim says

    I wonder if the good reverend ted haggard will extend his christian hand of support to him in this, the time of the good reverend eddie’s “familiar” need. Udder trash…both of them (and any other pedophiles that wolf themselves in hen houses). Hope they each rot in whatever hell to which they serve.

  45. Bill says

    Mr. Butler< Mr Long is no advocate of gay rights. In fact he considered to be one of the many spiritual,leaders of the anti-gay movement ( i.e gay marriage, adoption, conversion etc..)

    Lastly,the ages of the two young men who filed suit are 20 and 21. The abuse is alleged to have begun when they were 16.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Bill, splitting hairs, and I was actually mistaken about Long’s stand on gays as you say. As for the ages, I will correct that. Thanks for your attention.


  46. bobby says

    Eddie long has been gay for years. He was messing around with an attorney friend of mine years ago. Im surprised it took this long to come out

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