Boutique Public Relations at Violet PR

Violet PR is dedicated to illuminating change-makers across a variety of industries. As a champion of revolutionary brands, Violet PR has worked with companies in economic development, architecture, real estate, engineering, hospitality, and professional services, among others. For brands struggling to make it to the top of their industry, Violet PR uses their expertise and experience to position them as standouts amongst their competition.

An Introduction to Violet PR

Violet PR works with world-changing clients. Though they’re a small team, they are a passionate one, and every member of their agency is committed to delivering customized, creative solutions to their partner brands. The staff at Violet PR is passionate about the work they do and are excited to get to work doing what they love every morning.

In 2018, Violet PR was able to secure over 500 news articles for their clients and increase social media followings for all of their clients. The team is driven by passion and want to achieve results based on four key principles:

1.    Custom, compelling, inventive work

2.    Caring engagement with each and every client

3.    Industry expertise

4.    Serving the public good

Through these four principles, Violet PR cultivates an environment of learning, empathy, and growth for every company with which they work.

Expert Services for All Clients

Violet PR recognizes that every client that comes on board is unique, even if they come from the same industry as some of their past or current clients. They start all partnerships with a detailed Q&A to find out the objectives and needs of their clients, followed by a custom-designed program tailored to those targets.

Media Relations Services

The team at Violet PR believes that media exposure inevitably brings brands closer to their target audiences. Violet PR has extensive media connections that help their clients get noticed by top news outlets. Their media relations services include media pitching and outreach, follow-up, interview coordination, and reporting, and tracking of their partners’ success.

Social Media Services

It’s undeniable that social media platforms have faced explosive growth over the last decade or so. What was once a fun way to spend ten minutes scrolling on the phone has now become a hotspot for advertising and marketing. Violet PR recognized the power and influence of social media, and they work tirelessly to increase engagement on their clients’ profiles. Their social media services include social media account management, brand positioning, targeted strategy, and influencer partnerships.

Content Development Services

Content development and storytelling are at the heart of all successful public relations efforts. Their goal is to create content that celebrates their clients, engages their target audiences, and inspires consumers to interact with their brands. Their content development services include copywriting and positioning of press releases, social media content, bylined articles, blog posts, email newsletters, and more.

Discover More About Violet Public Relations

Visit the official Violet PR website to read about their mission statement, client showcase, and the team of experts. Violet PR’s Newsroom and Blog pages, feature interviews, industry tips and tricks, and links to Violet PR’s work in the press. To connect with them, visit their Contact page for details on complimentary consultations.

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