Brand RFP Issued By Bethesda Urban Partnership

The Bethesda Urban Partnership is requesting proposals for consulting services to create a new logo and tag-line for the Bethesda Urban Partnership and their two sub-brands, the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District and the Bethesda Transportation Solutions. The new logo will be used to identify the Bethesda Urban Partnership as the main organization that provides maintenance, marketing and mobility for downtown Bethesda.


Established as an instrumentality of Montgomery County Government in 1994, BUP is a downtown management organization that provides maintenance, marketing and mobility for the 300 acres of downtown Bethesda. BUP is made up of four major departments including Maintenance, Marketing (including the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District), Transportation Management and Administration. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, BUP is seeking a refreshed and updated brand that will emphasize the “Bethesda” in Bethesda Urban Partnership and our place as the management entity for downtown Bethesda.

The Field Operation team’s responsibilities include landscaping, trash removal, street sweeping, sidewalk repairs, and the general beautification of downtown Bethesda, as well as some outside contracts that include trash removal in neighboring downtowns and the maintenance of some areas adjacent to the downtown. The Ask Me Team (part of the Field Operations team) provides information to downtown Bethesda visitors and offers other general assistance during nights and weekends.

BUP’s Marketing team plans, implements and manages special events and Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District initiatives for the Bethesda Urban Partnership. BUP’s annual event series highlights restaurants, art, music, theatre, dance, film, literature and children’s activities. Additionally, BUP promotes the restaurants, retailers and arts organizations in downtown Bethesda as well as operates downtown Bethesda’s website, The efforts of BUP’s Marketing plan target downtown Bethesda’s residents, tourists, visitors and employees. The Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District produces high quality arts and cultural programming that benefits residents, businesses and tourists and supports the community’s growth and vitality. Events produced by the Arts & Entertainment District highlight visual and performing artists, writers, filmmakers and more.

Scope of Work:

A. Create a Logo Design for the Bethesda Urban Partnership, Inc.

B. Create a complimentary logo for the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District

C. Create a complimentary logo for Bethesda Transportation Solutions

D. Create a tagline for Bethesda Urban Partnership and Downtown Bethesda

The brand identity for the Bethesda Urban Partnership should convey the assets and unique qualities of the area and its many offerings in a way that is authentic, concise, and memorable. It will describe who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Brand and Message Development. Visual elements will include recommended logo, colors, fonts, graphic style and elements that are adaptable across a variety of media applications, including but not limited to the district’s website(s) and social network


• Logos 

• Tagline and key messages 

• Style guidelines with applications and usage of brand and sub-brands

• Multiple templates for common needs such as signage, brochures, web page layout, vehicle graphics, etc.

III. Submission of Proposals 

Contents of Proposal Must Include: 

A. Statement of the Project Scope (3-page maximum)

B. Overall approach to work 

C. Staff assigned to project and their experience

D. Previous examples of work E. Detailed budget outline

F. Proposed process for new logo roll-out

G. References

Due Date:

Monday, March 9, 2020.


Stephanie Coppula Director of Marketing and Communications Bethesda Urban Partnership, Inc. 7700 Old Georgetown Road Bethesda, MD 20814     

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Zeno group.

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