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Brand USA
Brand USA

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify the appropriate vendor to supply management and backend services for Brand USA’s digital television network, GoUSA TV. Our objective is for continuous improvement in providing a world-class travel entertainment channel to international consumers via Over-The-Top Television (OTT), YouTube, Transit, Airlines, Hotels and other distribution avenues.  


GoUSA TV is available globally on-demand via app on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Google Chromecast, iOS and Android; a curated YouTube channel; airlines; plus launching soon – live linear streaming channels and a WiFi system on a large transit system.  Ideally, distribution for GoUSA will continue to expand and scale to new platforms for greater  organic growth.  GoUSA TV will soon exceed more than one-hundred hours of content. Shows vary in length from two minute shorts to full-length feature films.    

Scope of Work:

The selected vendor will provide a tool with the ability to: 

• Host, manage and maintain video storage and streaming services, including pass through to playout vendors. 

• Provide overall project management, acting as lead agency for GoUSA TV. This includes at least two weekly conference calls with Brand USA staff, consultants and other agencies. 

• Provide technical support for issues/bugs. 

• Generate measurement metric feed(s), to provide understanding of performance. At minimum to include by date, country and devise/platform: Channel installs, video views, watch duration, completion rate and other relevant points that explain the user journey through the GoUSA TV eco-system.

• Assist in synchronizing content programming with advertising and public relations campaigns.

Functional Requirements 

• Retrieve assets from Brand USA’s digital asset management system, then encode/upload into the OTT video platform and content management system, maintaining meta tags, titles and descriptions. 

• GoUSA TV is currently served out of Brightcove. Accedo is the tool utilized for content management. WURL is our playout vendor.  If deemed necessary – moving/transfer/set-up of video assets and/or vendors are required in the submission budget, with a proposed timetable. 

• Create and regularly modify playlists and schedules for video on demand and clocks for linear streaming. 

• Create and regularly modify clocks for linear channel streaming/playout vendors. 

• Media storage, licensing of software/hardware products and bandwidth fees included. 

• Highly responsive customer service during eastern time zone (USA) operating hours.  Emergency contact needs to be available for outages or major issues, 24/7.   

• Close to one-hundred percent up-time. 

• Interface regularly with GoUSA TV content team and consultant. 

• Upgrade software and apps to latest versions. 

• Execute regularly scheduled push notifications through mobile apps. 

• Assist in keeping Airtable current with pertinent information. 

• Light video editing, adding GoUSA TV intro(s), bug and occasionally modifying videos. 

• Insertion of tags as needed in linear feed(s).   

• Proactively suggest UX/UI improvements and continue to educate the collective group about new developments in connected television.  

Proposals may be rejected if they do not include all deliverables. Proposers wishing clarification of this RFP must submit questions in writing to Brand USA, no later than August 14, 2020 (due by 5:00 PM EDT), and sent by e-mail to   Questions will not be answered on calls, with the exception of meetings with scheduled finalists during, or after the meeting. Company names will be removed from the published question/answer document.  Duplicative questions, irrelevant questions and questions already addressed in this RFP may not be published.  Pitches will be not be accepted outside the RFP process.    

Due Date:

August 14, 2020 (due by 5:00 PM EDT)


Relevant agencies to consider include Finn Partners and Edelman PR

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