Branding and Marketing Plan Needed By North Carolina League of Municipalities


Branding and Marketing Plan Needed By North Carolina League of Municipalities


It is the objective of the League to adopt a branding and marketing study and assessment that can be used in a comprehensive manner to:

  1. Create a brand and messaging that better reflects the organization and its mission as it currently exists, and incorporates the modern goals and aspirations of the organization to better position towns and cities as they adapt to change in their communities and in the state.
  2. Ensure that brand and key messaging adopted reflect the ideas and input of member cities and towns, and that those members are engaged in the process, and that brand and key messaging take into consideration public perceptions of towns and cities.
  3. Best position the League as both an advocacy organization and a provider of services to towns and cities in a political landscape in which state policymakers may harbor negative views of cities and municipal residents may not make connections between the amenities and services within towns or cities and the role played by municipal governments in delivering those services.
  4. Adopt a logo guide and implementation plan that will allow quick and seamless implementation into all League collateral and communication.


The League is a non-profit unincorporated association of North Carolina municipalities. It advocates for municipalities at the state and federal level, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among municipal officials, promotes excellence and efficiency in municipal government, and provides services and information which will help municipal officials meet the needs of their citizens. The League is also the Third Party Administrator of the following three insurance pools operated for the benefit of its members: 1) Interlocal Risk Financing Funding of North Carolina (IRFFNC) property and liability insurance, 2) Municipal Insurance Trust of North Carolina (MITNC) health insurance, and 3) North Carolina Interlocal Risk Management Association (NCIRMA) workers’ compensation insurance.

Roughly 540 of the approximately 550 municipalities in the state are members of the League. Its mission and activities are directed by a 35-member Board of Directors, primarily made up of elected officials representing town and cities. A separate 11- member Risk Management Services Board of Trustees helps direct decision-making regarding administration of the three insurance pools.

As an advocacy organization, staff readily and often interacts with state legislators, state executive branch officials and regulatory agencies, advocating for the interests of municipal governments in those interactions. Advocacy efforts sometime involve working with other organizations sharing common interests with municipalities, including but not limited to the N.C. Association of County Commissioners, business groups and other statewide nonprofits. Staff members also support best-sharing practices among municipalities through a variety of means and formats, provide legal and other consultative services, and communicate with the media and public regarding municipal interests. Marketing of insurance offerings also is a major activity of the organization’s staff. In many of its efforts, the League will enlist its member representatives – appointed and elected officials – to act on the larger organization’s behalf in order to bring added credibility and buy-in regarding the initiatives.

Scope of Work:

  1. Assess current awareness, perception, reputation and image of League with the public, member cities and towns, state political leaders and other advocacy organizations.
  2. Conduct research with League staff, members, board members, key constituencies, allied organizations and the public to ensure adopted branding best positions the organization with cities and towns, state officials and the public.
  3. Work with staff to understand the organization’s adopted strategic plan, Vision 2030; changes to the delivery of services and organizational structure that resulted from that plan; and the need for changes to the organization’s mission statement and other key messaging as a result.
  4. Review current League branding and marketing collateral.
  5. Recommend a cohesive brand, branding elements and key messaging that can be used in a comprehensive strategy across departments, functions and events.
  6. Develop all necessary elements, including graphic design and visual elements.
  7. Develop a specific rollout strategy that presents the new brand and messaging positively to League members and the public.
  8. Create a logo guide, with detailed design elements, and develop an implementation plan for use by staff to incorporate into website, stationary and forms, electronic templates used in various forms of e-communication, signage and displays, videos, brochures and other collateral, and to notify partnering organizations of change.

Due Date:

May 1st


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