Branding RFP Issued By City of Boerne

The City of Boerne is requesting Proposals and seeks to hire a qualified firm for the development of a comprehensive brand for the City of Boerne.

The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive trademark brand for the City of Boerne and a family of logos for our departments that represents the community’s unique strengths and assets. The brand should be transferrable across all City departments, with a Primary Logo, Secondary/Employee Branded Logo, and a family of corresponding logos adapted to applicable departments and community events including but not limited to our Parks Department, Police Department, Fire Department, Library, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Animal Care Services, Boerne Utilities, Hill Country Mile, Art Al Fresco, A Dickens Celebration. The logos should be effective in multiple media applications. The City of Boerne desires to hire a successful brand development firm to help identify and define these strengths and assets, and develop an effective, professional brand, giving the City a cohesive, unified, and more viable image.


Boerne, Texas is a well-established Hill Country community located near San Antonio and encompassing approximately 13 square miles in Southern Kendall County. The City serves as a hub of commercial and economic activity for the entire county and offers robust access to San Antonio and other Hill Country communities. Originally incorporated in 1849, the City is home to approximately 19,066 residents (as of the 2020 U.S. Census) with a diverse range of people, businesses, and industries. In 2021, it is estimated our hotels will fill a record 121,000 rooms with overnight visitors with countless more day trippers and travelers experiencing our historic City by offering travelers an elevated Hill Country experience.

Boerne 2018 Master Plan Vision Statement: “The distinctive character of Boerne is embodied in a unique blend of historic Hill Country character and small-town charm, our warm and welcoming people, and our vibrant and tourist-friendly downtown.

• We understand the importance of embracing our German heritage and culture because it makes Boerne a special place to live and play, raise a family, work, visit, and retire.

• We recognize that high-quality education and diversity in housing and employment opportunities will allow today’s residents and future generations to live our “Texas Hill Country” experience throughout their lifetime.

• We value building a community as unique as our name through open and transparent government, balanced and sustainable growth, protection of our natural resources, diversification of housing and jobs, and a continued promotion of our distinguishing sense of place. 

Scope of Work:

The project proposal should include the following phases: 

Research A clear understanding of the City’s assets, organizational culture, and desired direction will be the basis for the development of the brand concept and creative elements. The selected firm will audit the City’s existing logos, brand, and marketing materials, and will work closely with the City throughout the process to ensure the brand is inclusive and representative of the entire community.

ii. Brand Development The selected firm will identify an audience profile, values, and a brand positioning statement to guide the development of a logo and other creative elements. This should include presentation to and collaboration with key stakeholders.

iii. Identity Guidelines The agency must create an image that can be easily & effectively utilized across multiple graphic identity applications and communicative mediums such as printed collateral, letterhead, signage, electronic media, social media platforms, and websites. The selected firm will prepare a Branding and Identity Guidelines document to indicate how the branding strategy will be applied to future marketing plan and public communication elements. The branding strategy should include a primary logo, secondary logo, and a family of corresponding logos adapted to relevant departments and community events.

iv. Community Input This process must include engagement with City Council and the City Leadership Team. The agency must detail how it will seek and incorporate input from the community, our natural and architectural features and its stakeholders including, but not limited to, the potential of pre-design focus group meetings, crowd sourcing or community surveys, and in-person collaborations.

Due Date: : December 16, 2021


Purchasing Office c/o Oliver Mueller 447 N. Main St. Boerne, TX 78006

Relevant agencies to consider for this assignment include Alison Brod PR and Edelman PR.

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