Broadcast Media Monitoring Services Company Needed

Broadcast Media Monitoring Services Company Needed

Broward County Board of County Commissioners seeks a Broadcast Media Monitoring Services agency.


  1. Scope of Work: The Contractor will provide unlimited broadcast media monitoring services from print, trade, television, radio, and the internet in local, cable, regional, and national press for Port Everglades Business Development Division Port Everglades Department (Port).

Although it is not a requirement, the County desires that the Contractor establishes an Internet- based ordering system (web site) for County-specific order placement, order inquiry, price and availability inquires.

  1. Broadcast Media Monitoring Services:
    • The Contractor shall provide broadcast media monitoring services to include news and analytics with access to a customizable database that stores collected news clippings, and with the ability to prioritize clippings by outlet, audience demographics, advertising value, and topic.
    • Contractor shall provide daily reports, via e-mail, twice daily at consistent times (once in the morning and once in the afternoon), of monitored news items with links to review each article and shall include circulation figures, detailed outlet information, sentiment rating and publicity value of new clippings. Daily report’s e-mail notification will be separated into two topics, twice daily – one (1) topic, Port Everglades and one (1) topic, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina seaports (Key word monitoring searches shall be unlimited) Articles shall be printable and able to be shared electronically. Television and radio broadcast monitoring shall be of national and Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach media markets. Trade press to include cruise, cargo, ports, rails, and international trade journals.
    • Contractor shall provide unlimited internet access to digital clips to the Port for a minimum of twenty (20) concurrent users who work for the Port and its advertising and public relations firm vendors.
      • Concurrent users will consist of individuals who maintain the pace with industry trends and news in the marketplace where Port conducts maritime seaport, international trade and cruise industry business such as the Department Director, Deputy Department Director, Division Directors, Corporate Communications staff, and the advertising and public relations firm vendors who support the Port Department’s marketing efforts.
      • Unlimited internet access to digital clips will provide media articles and news coverage from print, trade, television, radio, and the internet in local, cable, regional, and national press for the Port.
  2. Contractor shall provide 24-hour/7-day technical assistance with Broadcast Media Monitoring Services. Technical assistance shall include, but not be limited to, creating reports and providing explanations to the Port on how to maximize the use of the Broadcast Media Monitoring Service.
  3. Digital Clips:
    • Requested newscast events shall be in high resolution digital clips.
    • Press release distribution, shall have the ability to electronically distribute press releases to select media.
    • Media contact lists by keyword search, shall have the ability to create media contact lists from the vendor’s database based on subject matter, region, type of media, and audience demographics.
  4. Website newsfeed, shall have the ability to provide a 24/7 running newsfeed on the Port’s website of headlines that link to the full article.
  5. Pass-Thru Allowance:
    This contract includes a pass-thru allowance for project specific items for Broadcast Media Monitoring Services and Digital Clips, which is full compensation for payment of identified items including, but not limited to:

    • Broadcast Media Monitoring Services out-of-pocket business expenses such as overnight shipping, printing, USBs to make multiple copies of videos and postage due to variations in pricing.
    • Digital Clips custom music, images, graphs re-edits and additional hard copies.

Proposal due by Apr 24, 2017 to:

Mitchell Cohen
954 -357 -5517

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