Carma Connected: A Miami PR Firm

Carma Connected is one of the largest communications agencies based in South Florida. They have a hands-on approach to public relations and offer a variety of different services. Whether you need PR, branding, media management or marketing, Carma Connected is one of the best in the business – and this agency’s goal is to make your business better than ever, and really stand out from the crowd.

The company started out as Carma PR and rebranded in 2017. Their team of 30 professionals are all connected to the communications industry, and each and every one of them has an immense passion for getting the word about your brand out there to a wider audience. This agency has been so successful, that it ended up launching its own, in-house social media company in 2013.

Carma Connected was established back in 2009, by partners Lyndsey Cooper and Chad Fabrikat. They both saw that there was an increased demand for agencies in the PR industry that can effectively transform a simple idea into a successful social media story. Due to their success, the company decided to branch out and create a separate social media arm of the business, which caters to clients in various different fields.

Ten Years Of Carma Connected

Now, after a decade of offering their communications services, they’ve grown and expanded from offering public relations services, to providing social media management, website development, graphic design, content creation, influencer marketing as well as crisis management. The goal of this agency is to continue to grow and develop by anticipating and predicting the desires along with the needs of each and every one of their clients.

The way that Carma Connected works is by paying close attention to their clients’ brands and offering a personalized service. That means that their professional team can figure out what a brand needs, and then cater to those needs, while personalizing each of their respective needs. This is what guarantees a brand’s success and increased growth.

Carma Connected has many famous clients in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, culinary, beauty, fashion, nightlife and hospitality. With a diverse portfolio that includes more than 50 clients, the agency continues to impress as new clients join the team and reap the rewards. Some of their well-known clients include 1 Hotel South Beach, E11EVEN Miami, Myles Restaurant Group, Warren Henry Auto Group, Goldman Properties, Groot Hospitality, Kilgore Culinary as well as The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science.

Some clients have placed their trust and brand’s image into Carma Connected since the very beginning of the agency and haven’t looked back since. Whether you’re in need of someone who’s going to be in charge of connecting your brand with your audience via social media platforms, or you need your brand to be developed from scratch, or you’re just in need of a few great photographs and video taken from the brand new headquarters for your brand, you can always rely on Carma Connected to do a great job.

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