CeBIT Weekend Recap and Connecting Worlds

Cebit 2010

This weekend Everything PR News will be recapping many of the world’s most innovative tech stuff from CeBIT 2010 “Connected Worlds”, from the Hannover Exhibition Center. CeBIT is the world’s largest digital IT and telecommunications trade fair. In this first segment, we will just introduce some of the scope of the exhibition along with some interesting high points.

Everyone who is anyone interested in emerging technologies is involved with CeBIT in one way or another. From attendees like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Spanish Prime Minister, to some 2,000 prominent international guests from politics to business and technology, CeBIT this year reveals just how interconnected these worlds are.

CeBIT, quite honestly, is so far reaching and deep as far as its scope, it is daunting even to cover. But, here you are, so. The Connected World’s framework consists of; Connected Living, Broadband World, Webciety@CeBIT, Destination ITS, RFID, and TeleHealth. At least we can begin with these, so below are some highlights you might find interesting.

  • Connected Living – DSP Group™ – Multimedia handset reference designs enabling the home phone to enter the digital world of connected multi-media. Always-on, intuitive handsets with a list of features beyond imagination. This company is pioneering bringing Wi-Fi technology and key platforms like Google Android and Linux to people’s fingertips around the house. Virtual keyboards to widgets for everything, this is cutting edge stuff for the kitchen counter and beyond (see gallery images).
  • Broadband World – B-Human – Robot soccer: The champions of the world are coming! A collegiate research B-Human is a collegiate project at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bremen and the DFKI research area Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems. Basically, humanoid competition in the world’s most popular sport leading to, you guessed it, the German Open and the RoboCup Worldcup. Unbelievable!
  • Webciety@CeBIT – GIVE: Generating Natural-Language Instructions in Virtual Environments – The next generation of interactivity obviously. Imagine being inside a virtual world where a Q & A takes place between, let’s say, a gamer and his/her digital counterpart. Talk about cutting edge, we were enthralled by natural language search, how about AI that can create what we might call “The Avatar Experience.” Beyond cutting edge, into another realm.
  • Destination ITS – Enterprise Resource Planning – A system that integrates data and processes of an organization into a single system creating a unified database that serves the functions of all different departments like; admin, finance, human resources, IT and warehouses.
  • RFID – Interactive Building Services and Infotainment System – The Computer Engineering Group of the Chemnitz University of Technology innovates  new applications of RFID. From advanced ways to identify and locate objects to “down the road” when cars find their way in auto pilot, this kind of technology can lead to a whole new world of automation.
  • TeleHealth – BETAVISTA connects clients and patients to care institutions for care and support, hospitals for monitoring and consulting, family members for communication, comfort and care, and a range of other interconnectivity innovations.

CeBIT  has had so much going on this week, we will bring you as much as we can this weekend. From fantastic gadgets like projectors which can make the XBox experience a portable widescreen event, to the fantastic innovation of CeBIT Sounds, we will attempt to show you as much as we can from this extraordinary event. Stay tuned for more later, but until then catch live coverage now.

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