China’s Propaganda PR Strikes in the U.K.

Xi Jinping with Obama

China and propaganda go hand and hand like peas and carrots. Most recently that comes in the form of a mysterious PR group following the traveling Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping. Now, that PR group strikes again in the U.K., and it’s unclear who handles the videos.

Xi Jinping in russia

Russia and United States

This isn’t the first propaganda video in recent memory. When Xi Jinping visited Russia earlier this year, there was a bizarre but charming video of Chinese youth praising Putin as being “strong,” “handsome,” and admiring him for his “big muscles.” There’s even a spontaneous song with three Chinese women singing a verse “one much.” should marry someone like Putin, a powerful and strong man who never drinks too much.” You can watch that video here.

In September, Xi Jinping had a landmark visit to the United States, and again another similarly bizarre video surfaced showing an Austrian in a pink blazer commenting about how “cute” Xi Jinping (AKA Xi Dada) is. In addition to that, a California woman pines for a man who looks like Jinping, and an intellectual American man seems interested to read Jinping’s book. You can watch that video here.

United Kingdom Advertising

United Kingdom

The video recently surfaced in the U.K. entitled “Britain meets China,” and it hits upon key international ties linking the countries, namely education, automotive production, and, football (soccer). According to this article, “The message is that English children love learning Mandarin, Chinese investors saved a British icon (The London Taxi Company), and soccer promotes international harmony.”

It also features awkward jokes about cricket, comments about London weather, and optimism about China’s chances in future World Cups, with Xi Jinping being the savior for China’s future in the competition.You can watch the video here.

Xi Jinping

Secretive PR Company

The most fascinating part about these videos isn’t necessarily the content, but the transient nature of the company responsible for the production of the videos. “Britain meets China” is produced by a privately funded group Fuxing Road (roughly translates to “The Road to Rejuvenation Studio”) – a reference to “the great Chinese rejuvenation” propaganda campaign.

There’s no website for the company, and the promotional website hired, maintains all of their dealings with the video were made through intermediary and secretive avenues, with the actual creators of the video remaining elusive throughout the process.

Chinese propaganda videos follow the Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping throughout 2015. After proliferating videos aimed at Russia and America they’ve moved to the United Kingdom with similar results.

A secretive PR group Fuxing Road produced the videos, although information of the individuals and company is elusive.

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