CisionPoint PR Software, Now with Integrated Self-Service TV and Radio Monitoring

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Vocus, top provider of software, services and tools for the media and public relations industry, has launched a version of their on-demand PR software solution CisionPoint which integrates self-service broadcast media monitoring capabilities. CisionPoint is thus the first software platform of its kind in the United Kingdom to offer near real-time, self-service broadcast monitoring.

Through these newly integrated features, PR professionals can access self-service TV and radio coverage with streaming video and audio and searching for their stories to obtain near-real time results, within just hours of airing. The integration offers a new way of monitoring broadcast coverage. Platform uses can run keyword searches in the database for any topic, accessing either 130 UK national and local TV and radio stations or US national, cable and local stations.

“Having the ability to search and view TV and radio content on the day is incredibly helpful and saves us valuable time searching online in the normal method. This really will be invaluable if having to deal with any crisis management issues that may arise. CisionPoint’s self-service broadcast monitoring also has the flexibility to allow us to get real in-depth research around client brands and issues,” said Louisa Durrant, Director Designate, Talk PR.

The new functions of CisionPoint grant PR pros a greater flexibility in how they search for broadcast coverage for clients, while also allowing them to research key influencers and relevant topics in the field they are interested in. All broadcast coverage is stored online by Vocus’s PRsoftware and is searcheable for up to 90 days after the transmission.

“CisionPoint’s broadcast tool is like an Internet search engine for TV and radio monitoring,” said Peter Granat, CEO of Vocus Europe. “This function gives users the ability to create targeted searches, view and share broadcast coverage, identify and target relevant influencers, and show clients what various broadcast media are saying about the issues that matter to them. It’s a powerful tool to add to the PR arsenal, and CisionPoint is the only platform that offers it.”

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