BlueGlass Interactive Powers Up Voltier Digital

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In marketing news, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc. has announced their acquisition of Voltier Digital. The highly publicized Internet marketing company based in Tampa and LA adds the digital content marketing prowess of Voltier’s production and marketing teams.

BlueGlass Interactive logoInnovative and made up of a veteran team of industry gurus, BlueGlass’ addition of the Voltier Digital skill set is significant. Let me explain why. Content marketing is no exactly a new concept, but it is a trend that signifies the “growing up” of the social realm as a business vehicle. By way of illustration, Stephanie Schwab over at Social Media Explorer, described the content marketing as a trend for 2012 this way:

“…content marketing is now a concept that executives can finally sink their teeth into.”

Schwab mirrors the prevailing sentiment running across the web community. The reason execs “get” content marketing is because it mimics traditional adverts, just think of these bits of rich media as modern age billboards, commercials, labels, and etc. Graphical and motion elements that convey brand extremely well, along with informative and useful advertising material. As for BlueGlass’ take on this deal, Co-founder Chris Winfield offered this:

“I first started working with the team at Voltier in 2007 and I have always been amazed at their ability to constantly innovate and stay at the forefront of the inbound marketing industry. The need for companies to implement and execute effective content marketing strategies is constantly increasing, so we are thrilled to have one of the leaders in this space become a part of BlueGlass.”

According to the metrics on trends in corporate marketing spend, the numbers show an overwhelming percentage of US corporate marketing willing to spend on the types of vehicles BlueGlass has just acquired. According to the press, Voltier’s three founders will also sit at the BlueGlass board table, and the company’s employees will be integrated into BlueGlass as well.

BlueGlass Interactive offers search and social media marketing services.  The now addition of Voltier Digital supports these services adding infographics, data vizualization, and kinetic typography to the mix. For another take on the move, Sarah Perez’s post over at TC points to the Voltier Digital client base of eBay,, Fanhattan, WellHome,, Greatist, and others as well. As you can see, where valued combinations of expertise and ability go, Winfield’s company just stepped it up again.

For more information, please check out the TC article, the original press release, or visit the BlueGlass or Voltier websites. You can also click the image below.

BlueGlass adds Voltier


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