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10 Awesome Selfies by Brilliant PRs and Communicators

2013-11-20 by EPR Staff
Brian Solis taking a selfie

It’s official: the word “selfie” was declared by the Oxford Dictionary the word of the year. After being introduced officially in the dictionary this year, “selfie” managed to become 2013’s word, beating “twerk” in the final race. This is no surprise, but a recognition of the fast changing online environment, and its various implication on language. “Selfie” went beyond a social media niche term to a widely used word, adopted by many people across the globe. Moreover, selfies are used in various ways by people in different industries. A lot of usage is just about having fun, about seizing the... Read More >

BlueGlass Interactive Snaps Up Swiss Group Idealizer AG

2013-02-19 by EPR Staff
The Idealizer AG Announcement

Digital marketing and SEO powerhouse BlueGlass Interactive has just announced having acquired Swiss interactive firm Idealizer AG. In a move further expanding their presence in Europe, the Tampa based firm now has two European acquisitions under its belt. [caption id="attachment_40949" align="aligncenter" width="585"] The Idealizer AG Announcement[/caption] BlueGlass, whom we have reported on several times these last months, is one of the fastest growing digital marketing firms in the world. This latest move, snapping up the Swiss content marketing and search firm Idealizer only makes perfect sense. Clearly BlueGlass is expanding integrating like minded agencies for greater reach and localization. On... Read More >

BlueGlass Interactive Acquires UK’s Quaturo

2012-11-15 by EPR Staff
BlueGlass acquisition trail

BlueGlass Interactive has just announced having London based Quaturo, greatly expanding the marketing firms worldwide footprint. Reportedly an all-equity deal, according to the news Quaturo employees will stay on including Managing Director Kevin Gibbons. [caption id="attachment_38882" align="aligncenter" width="585"] BlueGlass acquisitions - the long tail of growth[/caption] Everything PR spoke with BlueGlass Co-founder Loren Baker via Gtalk a few moments ago. I asked Loren how long expansion of this sort had been in the works. Baker replied: "BlueGlass has been focusing on UK and European expansion for months now in an effort to build out our International service offerings for our multinational client base."... Read More >

BlueGlass Interactive Powers Up Voltier Digital

2012-01-31 by EPR Staff
BlueGlass Interactive logo

In marketing news, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc. has announced their acquisition of Voltier Digital. The highly publicized Internet marketing company based in Tampa and LA adds the digital content marketing prowess of Voltier's production and marketing teams. Innovative and made up of a veteran team of industry gurus, BlueGlass' addition of the Voltier Digital skill set is significant. Let me explain why. Content marketing is no exactly a new concept, but it is a trend that signifies the "growing up" of the social realm as a business vehicle. By way of illustration, Stephanie Schwab over at Social Media Explorer, described the... Read More >

Innovative PR Strategies to Promote iPhone Apps: Toktumi and Line2

2010-11-18 by EPR Staff
Toktumi everything-pr

Toktumi may not be known... yet. But the company launched an iPhone app, Line2, that has all chances of becoming one of the top apps of 2010, and it should. Aside PR, this particular innovation has a number of features that recommend it. For starters, it's free to try. Then the $9.95 a month fee is a bargain, since the app basically lets iPhone, iPod and iPad users make unlimited US/Canada and low cost international calls over WiFi or Cellular using the same number, even when there is no cell coverage. I can think of a number of ways to... Read More >

BlueGlass Interactive Dances Into Marketing Limelight

2010-10-06 by EPR Staff
BlueGlass Interactive logo

In news from the marketing sector, one of the Web's top online agencies, BlueGlass Interactive, just penned a deal to acquire Greg Boser's 3 Dog Media. We recently reported on BlueGlass' significant interjection into the digital marketing arena, the combination of talents conglomerated being the story then, and now still more guru's apparently join the forces of online influencing. Talk about disruptive expansion, this news has to have some agencies talking. Chapter Three - Usurping Expertise Alexia Tsotsis' report on TC about this news pretty much sums up the biggest component of marketing news therein -  that being that the... Read More >

BlueGlass FL, Online Marketing Conference at Fort Lauderdale

2010-09-24 by EPR Staff
BlueGlass Interactive logo

Search Engine Journal and BlueGlass announce an Internet Marketing conference organized by BlueGlass Interactive, following the great success of BlueGlass LA, and moved on the East Coast : BlueGlass FL. The conference will be hosted at the Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida in Hollywood, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, on November 2 and 3, 2010. The conference agenda aims to explore all facets of Internet marketing, including SEO, online PR, Facebook advertising, community building, domaining and even Mergers & Acquisitions. The conference has included an impressive list of the field’s best speakers and panelists, including: Peter Shankman, radical thinker in... Read More >

PR and Marketing Tech, BlueGlass Unveils SecondStep

2010-08-17 by EPR Staff
BlueGlass Interactive logo

BlueGlass Interactive, the much talked about conglomerate of web and SEO gurus, announced the private Beta launch of SecondStep, first in a series of market changing products. A feature filled productivity and search marketing tool, SecondStep is an all inclusive SEO auditing, task management, and work-flow solution tool. In a digital world where scalability is often the biggest success factor, small to medium sized businesses may have found the Golden Fleece of organic search tools. SEO audits, competitor analysis, ROI, optimized content, link building, these are just a few of the terms in our marketing and PR vocabularies - especially... Read More >

BlueGlass Interactive: The Huckleberry of Online Marketing

2010-06-24 by EPR Staff
blueglass interactive

In news from Tampa, Florida, the world of Internet marketing may have just changed. A business mashup, BlueGlass Interactive, headed by seven of the world's leading online marketing experts, was announced yesterday. The news is significant for a number of reasons, but primarily because of the fragmented nature of marketing approaches and services out there. The formation of BlueGlass could alter the way companies engage the social web, let me explain why. Online Marketing Metaphors and Six Shooters If we think of business on the Internet as the wild west, and marketing as Tombstone, then it is feasible to say... Read More >