BlueGlass: International Digital Marketing Agency

BlueGlass Interactive Dances Into Marketing Limelight

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With the acquisition of 3 Dog Media, BlueGlass Interactive is on a pace to become an online ad and marketing powerhouse. Even game changers like AdBright do not wield the kind of SEM expertise BlueGlass did before Greg Boser’s came on board. If this news does not shake up the industry, someone is asleep at the wheel.

PR and Marketing Tech, BlueGlass Unveils SecondStep

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The world’s first online marketing conglomerate, BlueGlass Interactive, announces their latest market shifting platform SecondStep. For SEM needy companies, this modular SEO tool could be a game changer if adopted by SME’s. SecondStep premium puts the power of corporate SEM in the hands of every-user. The private Beta release was announced yesterday.

BlueGlass Interactive: The Huckleberry of Online Marketing

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The online marketing space has seen its share of key players, but for the most part the niche is comprised of fragmented players or traditional advertising experts. BlueGlass Interactive, a new conglomeration of experts in this market, may prove problematic for competitors, and a boom for clients. It is not often callaborative expertise of this caliber is flung together in a news company. Expect things to change rather dramatically for online marketing and advertising – probably.