BlueGlass Interactive Dances Into Marketing Limelight

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In news from the marketing sector, one of the Web’s top online agencies, BlueGlass Interactive, just penned a deal to acquire Greg Boser’s 3 Dog Media. We recently reported on BlueGlass’ significant interjection into the digital marketing arena, the combination of talents conglomerated being the story then, and now still more guru’s apparently join the forces of online influencing. Talk about disruptive expansion, this news has to have some agencies talking.

Chapter Three – Usurping Expertise

Alexia Tsotsis’ report on TC about this news pretty much sums up the biggest component of marketing news therein –  that being that the addition of 3 Dog Media to the BlueGlass stable nicely corrals most of the talent in the world where SEM is concerned, into a hoot’n’holler’n  gang of marketing influencers.  If Brian Solis’ re visitation of what influence means is a whit worthy, BlueGlass may have just written a new chapter.

The launch of BlueGlass, their Second Step platform, and now this? I actually love saying; “I told you so,” in as far as this group going ultra dynamic – watching the moves requires high speed camera speeds,  I assure you. For those not in the know, 3 Dog Media is no fly by night operation. The addition of that team to the already talent laden BlueGlass ensemble is at once alarmingly value generative for BlueGlass’ current (and surely to expand) client list. Judging BlueGlass is getting down to just watching expertise in action.

Objectivity Be Damned – Inevitability Needs No Friends

Obviously, I am excited about this news. I never made any bones about Loren Baker and other friends there in Florida. Fortunately for my credibility reporting BlueGlass successes and movement for me – well, it’s sort of like Muhammad Ali fans cheering the news to their friends who did not see his defeat of Floyd Patterson. In all transparency, anyone likes to see superb people be successful. The hat trick now for BlueGlass (to top adding Boser) would be to add Danny Sullivan and Aaron Wall (I know I forgot a few noted friends in search land).

Dave Snyder, Chris Winfield, Brent Csutoras, Loren Baker, Jordan Kastele, now Boser? Let’s get down to it here. Just so you catch my enthusiasm here. Taking Inc’s list of top ad and marketing firms – did you see this coming? Red Ventures (one of my faves) does not have it, Glispa doesn’t have it, AdBright’s so called “brain trust” doesn’t have it, none of the top firms on Inc’s list have the digital marketing clout BlueGlass is assembling. Lawyers, accountants, and web designers a plenty all the big players have bought off the shelf, but not the level of real engagement clients will need in the months and years to come. At least not in my humble view.


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With online advertising revenue growing faster than some International economies, it is easy to see where BlueGlass is headed. At least for me. Just why they are not listed in Inc’s top 100? That is anyone’s guess, but the bigger question in retrospect is; “How come none of these brilliant ad and marketing companies never snatched up these people earlier?” I bet that is one that will stick in their gullets for years. Well, I leave you with a symbolic combination of talents – maybe BlueGlass is becoming a symphonic disturbance akin to Carlos Santana and Chad Kroger – Can you say; “Online marketing danced on into the night?

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