BlueGlass Interactive Snaps Up Swiss Group Idealizer AG

Digital marketing and SEO powerhouse BlueGlass Interactive has just announced having acquired Swiss interactive firm Idealizer AG. In a move further expanding their presence in Europe, the Tampa based firm now has two European acquisitions under its belt.

The Idealizer AG Announcement

The Idealizer AG Announcement

BlueGlass, whom we have reported on several times these last months, is one of the fastest growing digital marketing firms in the world. This latest move, snapping up the Swiss content marketing and search firm Idealizer only makes perfect sense. Clearly BlueGlass is expanding integrating like minded agencies for greater reach and localization. On this most recent news, BlueGlass CMO Chris Winfield told Ad Week:

“Not every client is going to be OK seeing us in person once a year or explaining strategy by phone. With this purchase, we gain a more central hub in Europe than what we already have in London.”

BG Europe logoWinfield is referring to his firm’s earlier add of London’s Quaturo which we reported on in November of last year. Now BlueGlass adds the content marketing and  paid and organic digital marketing services of Idealizer, not to mention the European localization aspect.

In a bit of added news, BlueGlass also announced having added International Search and Social Expert Michael Bonfils to the team. Bonfils, an expert with a vast experience in SEM and other key components of digital marketing, is the former International Managing Director of SEM International and fhe former Director of Strategy for

BlueGlass is a fairly new concept in digital communicative companies. Their dogma expresses why best:

“We combine the best of both types of agencies: we’re nimble and innovative, while offering the scalability and reliability necessary to take take on even the most challenging projects.”

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