City of Lake Saint Louis Issues Digital RFP

City of Lake Saint Louis Issues Digital RFP

The City of Lake Saint Louis is seeking to update its website to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and customer service to its community, while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal.


Effective websites provide interactive content that keeps users engaged and coming back. Effective websites also must ensure that content sought is easily found and that navigation remains user friendly.

The City of Lake Saint Louis seeks the assistance of a company that can accomplish all of the functionality identified in this RFP. The City also seeks a company that has the capability of integrating additional features that may be needed in the future.

The City of Lake Saint Louis is seeking to enter into a professional services agreement with a qualified vendor to design and implement a new City website. The City’s website URL is currently we will continue to use this URL upon the launch of a new website.

The City is actively seeking a qualified web vendor with extensive municipal experience to replace the existing website. The City’s emphasis is on responsive design incorporating extensive content management tools and database driven architecture while providing a user-friendly and intuitive site structure and an interface that is both attractive and ADA compliant.

Scope of Work:

Functionality Table:

  • Agenda Management – Ability to publish, post, notify (through signup process) and archive agendas
  • Alerts & Emergency Notification – Alerts/Notifications posted on website sent to citizens (through signup process) via email, text message and social media
  • Archive Center – Store agendas, minutes, newsletters and other documents
  • Calendar – Update/publish calendars by both department, city wide
  • Directories, Listing for Staff and Businesses – Directories and listings should be customizable and searchable. For an example of a current listing see the City’s website
  • Document Center – Ability to search, upload (post), download documents
  • E-Notifications – Electronic subscription based, scheduled notifications system, SMS subscribers
  • Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s with dynamic content that are included in the site search
  • Intranet/Extranet – User restricted pages
  • Custom Mobile App – Optional, not required
  • Mobile Browsing – Website can be accessed from any mobile platform
  • Multi-Lingual Support – Ability for site to accommodate multiple languages.
  • News Releases – Ability to publish, post, notify (through signup process) and archive news releases
  • Newsletters – Ability to create publish a subscription based newsletter
  • Online Forms – Ability to Create, Print, Email, and Track online forms
  • Online Job Postings and Application – Applicants can fill out an application and attach additional documents
  • Online Payments – Secure online transaction by department
  • Printable Pages – All pages should be Print-friendly function
  • Real Estate Management – Commercial properties can be organized by and searched
  • Responsive Design – All pages of the website will be required to have Responsive Design and be readable from any device.
  • RFP/RFQ/Bid Posting – This component should include the ability to post, sign in to download and track who has downloaded RFP’s. It should also have the ability to send notices to vendors that have downloaded RFP’s when an addendum has been added to a specific RFP.
  • Rotating Photos/Banners –Pages should have the option to have rotating banners
  • Site Search – Search must search entire site including the following: News, Calendar, FAQ’s, Document Center, Directory Listings, etc. List ANY site content that is NOT included in the search.
  • Site Statistics – Analytics and site audit reports
  • Sitemap & Breadcrumbs – A customizable sitemap and breadcrumbs for each page
  • Social Media Interface – Ability to update and display Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. feeds
  • Unique Home Page – Ability for departments or associated organizations to have a unique separate design and URL (subsites)
  • Short Links –Ability to add a redirect to any page at any time on the site. For example the full URL for the police page is{341FD2E3-B10C-4B4E-B3AE-4E3175EE48F1}? We also have a short link

Due Date:

June 29th, 2018






Firms with strong city experience includes APCO Worldwide and Burson-Marsteller.

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