City of Raleigh Issues Marketing RFP

The City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services Department (SWS) is seeking proposals from qualified marketing/public relations firms to assist the department’s public outreach and marketing efforts to increase residential recycling rates. The successful contractor will assist a team responsible for furthering a top policy priority for the City.

The City’s ongoing commitment to expand recycling efforts is reflected in the City’s Strategic Plan under Growth and Natural Resources Initiative 3:4: Implement strategies for city-wide waste reduction.

Proposals should include development and implementation of strategies to educate Raleigh residents about the benefits of recycling and encourage them to recycle more. The goal is to provide clear, simple messaging to change behavior so that recycling becomes a regular part of Raleigh residents’ daily lives. Proposals should include an implementation timeline with all deliverables completed by February 3, 2020. Experience in traditional and non-traditional media outreach efforts as well as social media, research, and community engagement are required. We are seeking an ongoing campaign that incorporates a wide range of marketing strategies that will effectively increase awareness of the importance of recycling and promote behavior change.

The selected contractor should have demonstrated success with targeted marketing to reach populations who may not be reached by traditional marketing strategies The City has recently adopted a new brand and any outreach materials produced for this campaign will follow City branding guidelines and must be approved by the Communications Department.


Raleigh is a 21st Century City of Innovation focusing on environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability. The City conserves and protects our environmental resources through best practice and cutting-edge conservation and stewardship, land use, infrastructure and building technologies.

The City welcomes growth and diversity through policies and programs that will protect and enhance Raleigh’s existing neighborhoods, natural amenities, history, and cultural and human resources for future generations.

The City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services Department provides reliable waste management solutions to the Raleigh community through residential curbside collection of garbage, recycling, and yard waste, along with a variety of specialized services. The Department works proactively to reduce waste and to increase recycling in Raleigh, while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability in all areas of its operations.

The mission of the department is to create a safe, efficient and effective waste management, disposal and recycling system that protects the natural environment while supporting the City of Raleigh’s vision to achieve a sustainable future.

The department’s values are accountability, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness, service excellence, stewardship, teamwork, continuous improvement, environmental responsibility, safety.

Scope of Work:


·         Conduct research to determine why Southeast Raleigh has Raleigh’s lowest recycling rates.

·         Develop and Implement Marketing Strategies and Tactics.

·         Develop Key Messaging to raise awareness around City of Raleigh sustainability efforts that will motivate residents to change their behavior and recycle more.

·         Work with SWS and the City of Raleigh’s Communications Department to develop educational materials, literature, videos etc. for citywide recycling campaign.

Due Date:

February 19th, 2019. 


RFP NO. 274-SWSRC2019

ATTN: Terri Godwin Hyman

Communications Analyst

City of Raleigh

Solid Waste Services

630 Beacon Lake Drive

Raleigh, NC 27610

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