French/West/Vaughan Profile

French/West/Vaughan Profile

Founded in April 1997, French/West/Vaughan, or FWV currently employs almost 100 experts in the fields of advertising, public relations, digital and social media marketing. These professionals spread across offices throughout New York City, Los Angeles, Raleigh, and Tampa.

Over the years, FWV have worked alongside some of the most popular and well-known companies in the world – including brands like Coca-Cola. However, they don’t just work for big names, they’ve also harnessed their skills working alongside entrepreneurs, and smaller companies too.

Leadership and Clients:

French West and Vaughan consider themselves to be masters of shaping perception, with the ability to change the thoughts and opinions of media, shareholders, employees and customers through a range of PR and marketing strategies. This independent PR firm services clients throughout New York, North Carolina, and Florida, conducting work for clients from a range of different sectors.

Some of the most well-known companies working with FWV include the Honda Motor Company, The Carolina Hurricanes, Jack Daniel’s and many more. The firm officially took on its new name in 2001, when Richard French & Associates merged with West & Vaughan.

Perks and Problems:

For many aspiring PR professionals, FWV offers a fantastic opportunity for growth and learning, with a fantastic core team devoted to making working fun. Because the client base is very diverse, professionals in this company can gain a great deal of hands-on experience in a wide selection of different industries.

However, though there’s a lot of opportunity to gain experience, some employees believe that there’s a serious problem with work/life balance in this business. The huge workload is an issue for many, with clients distributed poorly between different people on the team. Those who can’t cope in a high-stress environment may not thrive in this business.


FWV specialize in the areas of public relations, communications, marketing, and advertising. Their team includes a range of press relations experts, behavioral marketers, designers, developers, and experts in the world of content creation. They offer a process that allows clients to choose the services they need to suit their specific communication and media strategies, with services ranging from content marketing, to account planning. FWV meet with their clients to discuss their needs in depth before creating a services strategy for each individual customer.

Getting a Job with FWV:

FWV believes that PR agencies can only be as good as the people who work for them. As such, they’re frequently on the search for people who want to join their fast-paced offices in Raleigh, Hollywood Boulevard, Ybor City, or Madison Avenue. Candidates can contact the company’s HR office either by post, or by email.

To apply to join the team, candidates can send a cover letter and resume to the email address or check out the website.


FWV are a long-time member of IPREX, a collection of 75 world-leaders in privately and independently owned public relations and marketing agencies. This group consists of almost 100 offices across 30 countries, with locations throughout South America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and APAC.

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