DiGennaro Communications: An Industry Profile

Since its founding in 2006, New York City based PR firm DiGennaro Communications has seen consistent year over year growth and positioned itself as a formidable presence within the industry. Founder and CEO Samantha DiGennaro brings over 20 years of experience within public relations and communications to the table.

Together with a strong team spanning multiple U.S. offices and partners in London and Australia, DiGennaro Communications is a consistent performer with a robust roster of high profile clients. DiGennaro Communications, sometimes known as DGC, is an independent firm specializing in both B2B and B2C PR and communications. Originally begun and currently headquartered out of its New York office, the firm has expanded to have offices in Austin, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. DGC partnered with Eulogy, a London-based firm, in 2012 to expand its global reach. Additionally, DBC merged with Australia’s Access PR in 2017.

And DGC’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thanks to shrewd leadership and decision making from leader Samantha DiGennaro, the firm has picked up several industry awards. Most notably, DGC has been awarded Stevie Awards for Best Overall Company of the Year as well as Best Entrepreneur of the Year for Ms. DiGennaro. In addition, DGC has been named to The Observer’s Top 50 PR Firms list as well as the NY Entrepreneur Report’s Top 10 Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work.

DiGennaro Communications’ portfolio of client work shows a high level of versatility and a forward thinking, entrepreneurial vision. Working alongside clients such as creative agency David & Goliath, DGC has worked tirelessly to share on-brand messaging with both trade and consumer customers.

A recent Super Bowl ad campaign for KIA Motors, facilitated through David & Goliath, featured an aggressive, multi-platform approach to garner as much reach as possible for the ad campaign. The campaign would go on to take top spots in rankings for ads, a rarity for automotive campaigns.

DGC has also worked with clients such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Live Nation to amplify their brand message and obtain a strong media and public presence. By accumulating a talented and experienced staff full of advertising, creative, and journalism expertise, DGC has set itself apart as a creative strategy powerhouse.

DGC recently has added to its leadership team, hiring experienced professionals to continue to grow the firm’s global presence. Most recently,Stephanie Agresta was welcomed to the executive team as the senior vice president for client service and business development. Agresta will be tasked with contributing to the firm’s continued growth and expansion of client lists. With over 20 years of experience in the digital communications field, Agresta is a natural choice to work with DGC and its forward thinking approach to its strategization.

Consistently tapped by top brands to increase brand awareness and understanding, DiGennaro  Communications is an industry leader for digital communications and public relations. With several awards on its CV, including much recognition as a female-run business, DGC is a formidable choice for any brand seeking to up its reach with strategic digital communications.  

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