Niagra Frontier Transit Metro Issues Marketing RFP

Niagra Frontier Transit Metro Issues Marketing RFP

The Niagra Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) is seeking a marketing agency relating to fare collection upgrade project. This project is complex and involves many components relating to internal and external communications. An update of the NFTA fare system needs to have an accompanying marketing and communications strategy that informs and educates our staff members and the public on new policies, technologies, and procedures.

The purpose of the marketing and outreach initiative is to develop a rigorous, robust ad successful communications and marketing plan that both educates and promotes this new system in a complete and comprehensive manner. The initiative shall provide a fresh approach to dissemination for the MetGo brand, introducing a new fare media, website, smart phone application, system elements and modified fare policies, through a detailed advertising and informational campaign. The initiative shall highlight the benefits of an upgraded fare collection system to all NFTA Metro customers. All fare media types and products shall be incorporated into a detailed advertising campaign for promoting MetGo to the general public, external agencies, NFTA staff, and partners. The advertising campaign shall be launched prior to a phased rolled-out of the new fare system components, and continue throughout the roll-out period.


NFTA Metro is unveiling a transformational fare system change over the upcoming year. The fare collection upgrade project includes new equipment, different fare payment media, and different fare policies. Metro’s new fare collection system will be based on back-end passengers accounts, with the customer using a smart card or mobile application to access service. This new system will use advanced technology to make payment options faster, easier and much more flexible.

Scope of Work:

Task 1:

Task 1 shall be phased advertising and marketing campaign with a detailed timeline for introducing the new fare system. The marketing campaign shall detail how the MetGo brand will attract new and retain current users. The marketing campaign shall include slogan/tagline to further promote and increase the number of users for NFTA and the MetGo product. Advertisements shall address the diverse group of travelers in the region and shall include specific advertisements highlighting the NFTA services and products most beneficial for the public. All avenues of marketing shall be pursued including personal outreach programs, committee meetings, promotional materials, local media outlets, and social media networks. Information relating to changes in the new fare collection elements shall also be included in the marketing campaign. The selected company shall produce at a minimum, but not limited to, the follow key topic areas of interest throughout the project, for advertisement and distribution to internal staff members, stakeholders and the public:


  • Contactless smartcards
  • Balance protection
  • Quicker boarding
  • Automatic loading and reloading
  • Payment card acceptance (credit, debit, transit benefit cards)
  • Enhanced retail network
  • Online account management
  • Mobile ticketing


  • Child fares
  • Fare capping
  • Period passes

System Elements:

  • Fare gates
  • New fareboxes
  • Ticket vending machines (TVMs)


  • Detailed scope of services
  • Marketing campaign
  • Advertising strategy
  • Detailed communication plan (covering internal and external)
  • Recommend and develop marketing products (television, radio, print, and electronic media, including social media outlets) used for outreach and education

Task 2:

Task 2 shall address the content management of the NFTA MetGo website, for which a template has already been created. A detailed outline shall include the proposed updates to the MetGo website and include a plan for turning over the content to management to our internal communications team. The website shall include information on fares, purchasing a smartcard, registering a smartcard, reloading the smartcard, checking your balance, an overview of card capabilities, terms and conditions and a section on frequently asked questions. Additionally, information should be included relating to changes that will be seen by the passengers within   our system to our hardware and facilities, including new ticket vending machines, fare gates and fareboxes.

The website developed shall be accessible in both the United States and Canada and operable in all commonly used web browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. The NFTA shall provide a video tutorial that will be linked to the website to detail some of the common changes to the fare collection system.

NFTA shall have access to data stored within the website for producing performance reports on website traffic and information posted to the website. Data stored in the website database shall be accessible using various reporting programs (Oracle, Access, Excel, etc).

Improvements to aesthetics and ease of navigation shall allow users to locate desired   information in a timely manner, while drawing their attention to all information provided on the website. The Scope of work for the website development shall include but is not limited to the following items:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Layout
  • Content Management
  • Flash Media
  • Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn)

For all website development, test sites/products shall be made available to NFTA for review and comment prior to public distribution.


  • Detailed scope of services
  • General graphic design parameters (colors, fonts, graphics, etc.)
  • Flow charts and layouts of the website content
  • Communication strategy
  • Strategy for merging new content with existing website

Due Date:

May 31st


Niagra Frontier Transportation Authority

Procurement Department

Attention: Andrea Herald

181 Ellicott Street

Buffalo, New York 14203

Agencies who could be a fit include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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