CITY OF SARALAND Request for Proposals (“RFP”) For the Sales and Marketing, Design Consulting, Venue and Event Management, and Operations Management of Saraland Sports Park

Due date: 5:30 p.m. on Monday, September 25, 2023.

The City of Saraland (hereinafter referred to as “City”) is requesting proposals from a qualified

Management Company (“Proponent”) to provide the Sales and Marketing, Design Consulting,

Venue and Event Management, and Operations Management of the City’s Sports Park.

A list of areas that must be addressed with the response is included below in the Scope of Work.

It is the City’s intent to enter into an agreement with one party for the Sales and Marketing, Design

Consulting, Venue and Event Management, and Operation the management of its Sports Park. The

City will enter into an agreement which is the most advantageous to the City, so potential

responders are encouraged to be creative with their submittals. The services require a high degree

of professional experience, knowledge and skill where the personality of those individuals plays

an important part all within the meaning and intent of Code of Alabama Section 41-16-51(a)(b)

The Scope of Work consists of two phases.

It is anticipated that construction of the Sports Park will be bid and construction started in the Fall

of 2023. Proponents should specify and describe in detail how they propose to offer and be

compensated for the following services during a term beginning January 1, 2024 and ending on

December 21, 2024 or upon substantial completion and opening of the Sports Park, whichever

occurs later. In any event, the term of this portion of any agreement will not exceed three years.

1.) Sales and Marketing

There is a need to schedule and book sports tournaments and other events in advance of opening.

Proponents should describe how they will develop and implement systems to identify and market events. Important to the City is the booking of tournaments and events to use the Sports Park and the resultant economic impact this will have on the local economy.



Service During Construction and Pre-Opening

2.) Accounting and Financial Controls

Proponents should describe any accounting systems to be used, describe the software and otherwise give an overview of the financial control system to be implemented.

Proponents should describe City allowed access to the system.

3.) Audit

Proponents should describe any proposed audits to be conducted, their frequency and

the City access to all such audits.

4.) Personnel Staffing and Policies

The City requires that staffing of the Sports Park will be done by the successful proponents and that the City will have none of its employees directly involved- in managing or staffing the Sports Park. Proponents are required to recruit, hire, train and supervise all employees at the Sports Park. Proponents will develop any needed personnel policies and manuals. Proponents should describe policies related to human resources, legal risk, insurance, information technology and maintenance.

5.) Branding, Logos, Sponsorship and Advertisement

Proponents should describe how the Sports Park can develop sponsors, branded and develop any logos for the facility and/or its activities. Proponents should describe how any revenue derived from these activities will be distributed and/or shared.

It is anticipated that substantial completion and opening of the Sports Park will occur on or about December 31, 2025. The term of the agreement to manage the Sports Park will begin on that date

and expire three years thereafter, unless the City, at its sole option, shall notify proponent in writing of its intention to extend the term of an additional two years. Such notice by the City shall be given no late than 90 days prior to end of the term and proponent has no right to extend the term absent the City’s exercise of its option.

The proposal should provide information and the relevant experience of the proponent as it concerns the development and implementation of Sales and Marketing, and Venue and Event Management Operations. The Proposal should also include what personnel and resources will be.


Sales and Marketing, Venue and Event Management, and Operations utilized in the development and execution of the sales and marketing strategy for The Land, as well as the vision and design as it concerns venue and event management.

Management of the Sports Park will be the responsibility of proponent. The Land shall be a mixed use facility. That is, the City will require that a majority of the time the location is in use, it will be available for the citizens of the City to access. Any proposal submitted should describe how and to what extent the Sports Park will be made available for City recreational services. The City will enter into a detailed management contract with the successful proponent which will define the amount and manner of compensation of services to be rendered in Phase One and Phase Two.

As part of the terms of any agreement between the proponent and the City, at least sixty days prior to each of the City’s fiscal years (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30) in which management service is provided, proponent shall submit for the City’s review and approval an Operating Budget setting out anticipated revenues and expenses for the upcoming fiscal year within the term of the management contract. The particulars of the budget and approval process will be set out in the negotiated agreement. The City anticipates setting up and funding an operating account into which all gross revenue derived from the property will be deposited and from which budgeted and approved expenses will be paid.

Proponent will maintain and make available to City all vendor, financial and operation records relating to the Sports Park. Proponent shall submit to the City financial statements within 25 days after each month. Proponent shall submit to City a financial statement within sixty days of the close of each year within the term of the management contract. All reports shall depict in reasonably accurate detail the financial activities related to the Sports Park.

Proponent will recruit tournaments and will account for all tournament fees and revenue by depositing same into the operating account. The City reserves the right in its sole discretion to waive and fees for use of the Sports Park by local or City sports leagues or teams.

Any individual use fees of the Sports Park are subject to prior City approval as to activity and amount.

Proponent is expected to generate advertising, logo, branding, and sponsorship revenue related to the Sports Park. All gross revenue from such activity shall be deposited into the operating account.

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