Vineland, NJ Issues Marketing, Advertising, & PR RFP

2019-01-05 by EPR Staff
Vineland, NJ Issues Marketing, Advertising, & PR RFP
Vineland, NJ Issues Marketing, Advertising, & PR RFP

The City of Vineland is in need of professional business planning and strategic government relations consulting services. The professional shall be responsible to arrange meetings with key local, state and federal officials to develop and secure economic opportunities in the City of Vineland. The professional shall have experience in representing governmental entities and businesses in regulatory matters involving all levels of government, including public policy and government relations.


Located just southwest of Philadelphia in Cumberland County, New Jersey, the City of Vineland is home to more than 60,000 people and approximately 4,000 businesses.  Vineland is a culturally diverse community filled with wonderful, giving people, a friendly business environment, and a cost of living well below the state average.  Tradition and pride keep Vineland’s small-town character flourishing, while a commitment to progress has the city poised for continued growth. Government and community leaders are diligent in providing residents with the best in education, health care, residential life, recreation, and other amenities that shape the quality of life here.  Vineland is synonymous with treasured history, diverse culture, scenic beauty, and cutting-edge business opportunities.

We invite you to discover what sets Vineland apart! Our location in the heart of the northeast corridor, our warm and welcoming lifestyle, and our uncongested environment, make Vineland a great place to live, visit, or do business.   In fact, Vineland was selected as “The garden-est city” in New Jersey according to the national real estate website, and has twice been named among the “Best Places to Live in New Jersey” by Money Magazine.

Scope of Work:

The Firm/Individual shall be required to provide Marketing, Advertising,  Promotional and Public Relations/Constituent Relations Consulting Services for the City of Vineland as well as public/private enterprises related to the City of Vineland.

                Marketing: The Firm/Individual shall implement the city’s existing marketing strategy designed                 to assist Vineland in becoming a destination point of interest and attracting new economic           development. Marketing shall include a strategy to attract residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and other interests in the City of Vineland. The Firm/Individual shall be expected to       meet with all department heads and the administration to develop a strategy to market the City                 of Vineland. The Marketing Strategy shall include, whenever deemed appropriate, private and                 quasi-public interests.

  • The Firm/Individual shall prepare a marketing budget for each project prior to implementing the strategy for approval by the administration.
  • The Firm/Individual shall be responsible, with the assistance of the appropriate department head, to implement each marketing plan approved.

                Advertising: The Firm/Individual shall develop and produce advertising collaterals incorporating                the City of Vineland’s message for use in a variety of applications including print, video, audio,         billboards and on-line formats.

  • The Firm/Individual shall develop and coordinate partnership advertising opportunities incorporating Vineland business as well as City activities including recreational and public interest activities. They shall whenever possible interface with National, State and local tourism and economic development entities to provide the best possible attention to the City of Vineland.
  • The Firm/Individual shall develop an advertising budget for each advertising project taking into consideration any and all grant and other funding sources available. The advertising budget shall be reviewed by the administration prior to implementation.
  • The Firm/Individual shall be responsible with the assistance of the appropriate department head to implement the advertising campaign in a timely manner.

                Promotional: The Firm/Individual shall be utilized for all purposes including economic     development and public events. The firm/individual shall meet with all necessary department     heads to gather all necessary data for that purpose. They shall also meet with all other           necessary public entities including the Board of Education, Landis Sewerage Authority and    Chamber of Commerce to obtain all necessary data.

  • The Firm/Individual shall coordinate all public events with related private enterprise wherever it is appropriate. The Firm/Individual shall utilize all available applications to promote the City of Vineland including print, video, audio, billboards and on line formats.

                Public Relations/Constituent Relations:  The Firm/Individual shall be  responsible to research    and address public issues with city staff and news reporters as requested by the Administration.    They shall be responsible for Press Releases, whether written or verbal and provide all necessary   media to address said issues with advice of appropriate administrative officers.

  • The Firm/Individual shall be responsible to research and address any and all constituent issues as directed by the Administration. They shall receive and research such issues with the assistance of its staff and address such concerns based upon the advice of city staff and decisions of the appropriate administrative officers.

Due Date:

January 11th, 2019


City of Vineland Purchasing Department

City Hall, 5th Floor

640 E. Wood Street

Vineland, NJ 08360

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