City of West Covina Seeks Branding and Marketing Strategy

City of West Covina Seeks Branding and Marketing Strategy
The City of West Covina (City) is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide a branding and marketing strategy that encompasses strategic research and analysis, development of a competitive identity, brand and marketing strategy. As part of the City Council Goals to Build Financial Health and Economic Stability for the City, the City is interested in creating a branding and marketing strategy to incorporate the City’s existing logo into any collateral design and media platforms, in addition to updating the City motto/tagline.
The resulting brand messaging should support the City Council’s goals with emphasis on the following:
  • Attract, retain and grow a diverse stable economic base that supports the City’s revenues, goods and services;
  • Make West Covina a destination point for residents, businesses and visitors;
  • Build a vibrant downtown district by highlighting West Covina’s local businesses; and
  • Revamp the City’s image
The branding and marketing strategy must communicate the City’s identity in a clear and effective message to be used in communication for three key audiences: residents, businesses, and visitors. Additionally, it should identify short term and long-term strategies to effectively deliver the message. The City will make available all prior economic development plans, the City’s Market Context Analysis, and any other studies critical to the creation and implementation of the branding and marketing strategy. For additional information, please visit


The City has a population of over 113,729 and covers approximately sixteen square miles in area. It is a largely residential city that has a large commercial section along the Interstate 10 corridor. The estimated median household income is over $87,370. The City is a full service, general law city that operates under the Council-City Manager form of government, and provides a full range of municipal services including police and fire services as well as street maintenance and repair, building and engineering, planning and parks and recreational activities. The City offers fifteen parks, three community centers, a Sports Complex and a County operated library. The City consists of nine departments.

Scope of Work:

Strategic Research and Analysis
Perform research and identify the perception of West Covina from a resident, business and visitor standpoint. The City’s Market Context Analysis will be provided to better understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in terms of the City’s vision. Focus groups, interviews, surveys and other research methodologies should be used as appropriate. Data should be collected from residents, businesses, partner organizations, stakeholders, City of West Covina staff and elected officials. At the end of the research and analysis, the Consultant should identify West Covina’s key distinctive competencies and clearly communicate the City’s value proposition.
The following questions should be answered:

1. What does West Covina want to be known for?
2. What thoughts and feelings does the City want to evoke when West Covina is heard?
3. How can West Covina stand out from the crowd and be more competitive?
4. Make West Covina a destination community for new businesses, residents, visitors, and investors.
  • Research Summary
  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Conduct a minimum of three (3) focus groups
Development of a Competitive Identity and a New Tagline
Compile findings and develop a clear message that highlights West Covina’s distinctive competencies and communicates the City’s desired identity. The message should communicate the City’s vision and identity in an authentic, relevant and simple format for the target audience. The message should serve as a framework for City Staff to deliver its services to residents, businesses and visitors. In addition, the message should be capable of being used across a variety of departments, programs, and services. The Consultant will develop promotional materials that aide in communicating the City’s competitive identity.
  • Create an authentic, relevant and simple message that communicates the City’s identity;
  • Conduct market research to help enhance and professionalize promotional materials and identify target markets; and
  • The City currently has an outdated tagline, “Headquarters City of the East San Gabriel Valley.” The City is evaluating options to revitalize and re-energize its brand, including updating the tagline.
  • Development of a new tagline
Brand Strategy
Identify the long-term strategy the City should adopt to ensure the City’s new brand identity is sustainable and assisting in attracting, retaining and expanding businesses in the downtown and throughout the City. The Consultant should outline guidelines for City Staff to ensure West Covina’s dedication to the residents, businesses, and visitors is consistently delivered. While consistency of messaging will be key, the City also seeks flexibility that allows the branding to be used by the departments, programs and services that make up the City. Visual elements of the proposed branding strategy must include recommended update to the City’s colors, fonts, graphic style and elements that are adaptable for use across a variety of media applications, including the City’s website and social media handles.
  • Identify the long-term brand strategy; and
  • Outline long term recommendations with corresponding timeline to implement a sustainable brand
  • Develop a brand collateral that incorporate City’s existing logo.
 Once tagline(s) have been chosen, include development of a full identity system including, but not limited to the following:
  •  graphic elements
  • brand architecture
  • economic development promotional materials
  • verbal branding (tone of voice)
  • fonts
  • color palette
  • icon system
  • photography and stock photos
  • cobranding
  • website branding
  • templates for presentations
 Create branding guidelines:
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • envelopes
  • brochures
  • interior and exterior signage
  • email signature
  • City Council Certificate
  • Resolutions of Commendations
  • Proclamations
Written – The brand platform should include guidelines and examples on how to talk about the City and West Covina’s services in marketing the City. These could be shared with all employees, especially those who write about the City or our services, as well as external writers, agencies and partners who create content on our behalf
  • Visual Collateral – Guidelines should include guidance for brochures and marketing materials
  • Digital – Guidelines should include high level guidance for website, email marketing and social media
  • Communications – Guidelines should include guidance for a PowerPoint template, City stationary, press releases, and office signage
Internal activation – Provide suggestions and recommendations for introducing and infusing a new brand with employees.
Marketing Strategy

Identify the long-term strategy the City should adopt to communicate and deliver the value proposition for its residents, businesses and visitors. It should identify the set of marketing tactics and tools to shift the perception of residents, businesses and visitors to reflect the adopted brand identity. The marketing tools should create a positive image that will reside in the target audience’s mind.
The following questions should be answered:
1. How will we communicate and deliver the newly adopted identity?
2. How will we measure the effectiveness of the communication and delivery?
3. How can the website and other social media be used as a tool to communicate and deliver the brand?
4. How will the marketing tactics and tools aide in attracting, retaining, and expanding business?
  • Develop an integrated strategic marketing plan designed to increase awareness of City programs, activities, events, and amenities;
  • Develop sample marketing tools including brochures, visitor guides, and any other informational literature to support City programs, businesses, events and amenities

Due Date:

February 22, 2018


City of West Covina
1444 W. Garvey Ave. South
West Covina, CA 91790
PR firms with experience working with cities include Ketchum PR and Burson Marsteller.

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