College of Southern Maryland Digital Agency RFP

2018-12-20 by EPR Staff

College of Southern Maryland Digital Agency


The College of Southern Maryland has a dedicated in-house marketing and public relations team and is seeking a firm to coordinate the digital media placement for the College for Fiscal Year 2019-2020, with the option of renewing for years two and three. The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) may provide creative materials along with the campaign direction and will regularly be in contact throughout the year with the selected agency on the implementation and evaluation of the digital campaigns. The firm must have previous experience in designing and placing successful digital media campaigns for educational institutions. Specifically, community colleges.


The College of Southern Maryland enhances lives and strengthens the economic vitality of a diverse and changing region by providing affordable postsecondary education, workforce development, and cultural and personal enrichment opportunities.


Scope of Work:

Provide specific information about the scope of services that your firm can provide, including:

Digital Tactics:

  • Scope of services that your firm customarily provides to clients

o Describe the depth and breadth of digital tactics that the firm may recommend to micro-target the audiences in development of digital campaigns for the College of Southern Maryland, specifically discussing search, display, and social media tactics.  Firms must have the ability to provide addressable geo-fencing and establishment of conversion zones to measure visits to the campus as a result of ad delivery.

o Response:

  • Sample Campaign

o Explain your firm’s approach in managing digital campaigns through its various phases from identifying markets, to designing digital campaigns, to monitoring the campaigns,  to evaluating the success of the campaigns, and finally reporting results of campaigns by providing a sample campaign for a current academic program offered by the College of Southern Maryland. A firm may choose a program from our list of academic programs (see webpage link for a list of programs).

o Response:

  • Reporting

o Explain how your firm reports the results of a campaign – frequency, and format – of weekly campaign reporting as well as the end of campaign information and any special reporting provided.

o Response:

  • Cost of Services

o Explain how your firm charges for digital services, including any management fees, design fees, reporting fees, and other costs that may be incurred in the delivery of digital campaigns.

o Response:

o Provide a list of typical costs for digital media tactics.

o Response:

o Based on the current CSM Digital Programs provide a detailed firm fixed price.

o Response:

Due Date:

January 7th, 2019.


College of Southern Maryland Procurement Office

P.O. Box 910

8730 Mitchell Road

Business Building (BU), Room 225

La Plata, MD 20646