Duluth Downtown Development Authority Issues Branding & Marketing RFP 

Duluth Downtown Development Authority Issues Branding & Marketing RFP 

The Duluth Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is seeking proposals from qualified firms that have the experience and capability to develop a branding and awareness campaign for Downtown Duluth in a manner consistent with the City’s economic development objectives of promoting Duluth as an attractive destination for visitors, residents, and businesses. The DDA’s intent is to witness Downtown Duluth continue to increase its appeal to the growing demographic of young families as well as millennials and empty-nesters, both of whom value proximity to dynamic, vibrant and unique mixed-use environments.


The Duluth Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has been created and exists by virtue of the Development Authorities Law, activated by a resolution of the Duluth City Council. The DDA was established to promote the revitalization and growth of the City’s downtown area. Acting on behalf of the City of Duluth, the DDA is charged with leading this effort through a variety of potential methods, including the implementation of a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that incorporates proactive community engagement. The DDA’s objective is to contract with a qualified consultant who is experienced in this area.

After the start of the recession in 2008, all commercial and residential development activity ground to a halt in the City of Duluth. There was no major construction until 2014. During this time city leaders looked to the past for guidance and decided to acquire all foreclosed properties in the downtown area that had not been acquired in the building of town green. It ramped up its Downtown Development Authority and charged the appointed board to become one of the catalysts for downtown redevelopment.

Prior to 2008, Duluth had begun to consider ideas for improving its downtown area. This led to the formulation of a Downtown Plan that reflected the desires of the public to create a sense of place. The plan called for preserving and reestablishing Downtown Duluth as a community focal point for social interaction (Duluth puts on dozens of events such concerts, movies, and festivals throughout the year for visitors and residents to enjoy). That plan has evolved since then and today, the City’s vision is made up of four statements:

  • Attractive Destination – A uniquely creative, fun and inviting destination for residents, visitors, and businesses.
  • Quality Community – Embrace our diversity to enhance and create a welcoming, safe, healthy, and sustainable community.
  • World Class Government – To provide exceptional service through innovative thinking, balanced growth, and ethical effective processes.
  • Sustainable Economic Environment – To create a vibrant, inviting and regionally recognized community with policies and procedures that foster economic growth and investment.


Duluth has and continues to invest in important infrastructure to enhance the desirability of its downtown and achieve the vision outlined above. Over the last decade, the City has invested nearly $20 million to complete a new city hall, town green, amphitheater, interactive fountain, meeting facility, decorative street lights, landscaping, sidewalks, and off-street parking areas.

Scope of Work:

The Duluth Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is requesting to receive proposals that will result in two major deliverables: a web-based application (app) and a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy.

Web-Based Application (App)

The City of Duluth’s downtown has been rapidly changing over the past three years. A multitude of new restaurants, retail shops, and offices continue to populate downtown geography. These new establishments add to the already diverse array of activities and events that the city puts on for its residents and visitors. The DDA recognizes the need to communicate both efficiently and effectively with these people. A web-based application, complete with a variety of features, will help address this challenge.

Comprehensive Branding and Marketing Strategy

Duluth’s Downtown Development Authority and city leaders are very proud of the recent and ongoing commercial and residential development in and around the downtown area. The DDA would like to capitalize on these successes and wants to ensure the local Gwinnett submarket, as well as the greater metro Atlanta region, knows about them through consistent, persistent and targeted messaging.

Due Date:

January 11th, 2019


City of Duluth – Downtown Development Authority

3167 Main Street

Duluth, Georgia 30096

Firms who could be a fit include Hunter PR and Makovsky PR.

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