Creating Unique Positions of Authority in B2B – Greentarget Global Group


The strategic public relations firm Greentarget Global Group with headquarters in Chicago and offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London, is exclusively focused on working with business-to-business (B2B) organizations.

With a proven client engagement process, Greentarget Global Group’s clients can be empowered to direct conversations that are able to influence target audiences, create value and drive business objectives. The team at the firm has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to creating multi-layered communications programs that give clients in the business-to-business market high-impact results.

Organizations that work with Greentarget Global Group are able to skillfully participate in conversations that are important to target audiences, as the firm has established a seven-step Client Engagement process that’s built on the company’s core values and behaviors.

This Client Engagement process begins by identifying the problem that the clients have, understanding the company’s objectives, empathizing with the target audience, building a strong strategy, and resting a narrative, which is then distributed across channels, and finally, measured and assessed to achieve success. Furthermore, with this process, the firm is able to work with the clients quickly and effectively and achieve tangible benefits for them.

The process helps Greentarget Global Group get up to speed with the client’s organization and start creating results as fast as possible.

Greentarget Global Group provides clients with an array of services, such as earned media influences and media relations with capabilities that include media strategy, positioning, training, campaigns, and roundtables, story development, targeted publishing campaigns, growth and outlook story development, leadership editorial campaigns, and maximizing organizational milestones, among others.

The research and market intelligence services are best utilized by clients that are looking to be positioned as though leaders while having elevated service offerings. The capabilities for the research and marketing intelligence services include industry analysis and competitive intelligence reports, data analytics, surveys, polls, buyer personas, customer journey maps, stakeholder interviews, and qualitative focus groups.

Greentarget Global Group also has digital and analytics services designed to help organizations in creating and executing roadmaps for effective and integrated thought leadership campaigns. The firm does this through a variety of digital strategy, content strategy and production, multichannel distribution, analytics, and measurement, as well as web development and optimization capabilities.

Additionally, the firm provides content and editorial services that can help clients cut through the noise with high-quality content that reaches target audiences, with capabilities such as content strategy development, blog posts, articles, research reports, whitepapers, motion graphics, speech writing, podcasts, branded event coverage and more.

Finally, the firm also provides special situations services for reputation recovery, crisis preparedness, crisis response, as well as any potential announcements a client is planning for the future. Furthermore, the expert team at Greentarget Global Group has experience in legal, accounting, financial institutions, management consulting, and commercial real estate.

Plenty of brands and corporations have benefitted from Greentarget Global Group’s onboard team that has decades of experience in providing positive results, such as Carbon Black, Zipari, Berkely Research Group, Global Asset Management, and others.

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