Creative Associates International Job Re-design and Mandates expert Organization REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)

RFP Closing Date: 09/30/2023

RFP Closing Time: 4:00 PM – Local Time, Amman, Jordan


The overall objective of this “Job Redesign and Mandates Expert” is to work in partnership/co-create with relevant departments, and the TAP team, building from the situational assessment results, to review, and develop organization unit mandates and jobs descriptions for all positions within targeted directorates at MOY.


The Technical Assistance Program (TAP), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is a five-year education and youth project that seeks to transform the organizational culture and improve the abilities within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth to ensure officials can implement desired reforms. Creative and its partners will provide technical assistance in the development, roll-out, and tracking of policies and procedures to incorporate international best practices for public education and youth programming. Among the many activities in the Jordan Technical Assistance Program, it will support curriculum development, promote inclusive learning techniques, improve the skills of teachers and school managers, and other tangible activities that ultimately support changing the organizational culture within the two ministries and relevant agencies. The program will further support Jordan’s outreach and behavioral change communications initiatives that are aimed at creating a culture of reading, the inclusion of vulnerable children, and increased youth engagement.


Based on the situational assessments with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and subsequent processing of those findings with stakeholders, TAP’s top priorities now include strengthening HR management systems and developing directorates mandates and Job descriptions for MOY directorates based on the new approved of Ministry Administration Organization


  • Conduct desk review and analysis.
  • Review the old and new MOY structures, job descriptions, SOPs.
  • Review the existing laws, regulations, and policies related to the Ministry, such as national laws, plans, CSBs regulations, and TAP assessments and their findings.
  • Conduct Job analysis for all relevant Directorates according to the best practices.
  • Conduct interviews based on plans with relevant participants and section heads to collect data and ensure validation.
  • Review and analyze data and conduct desk reviews.
  • Propose Internal structure and Mandates for each directorate.
  • Identify the potential duplication of roles and organizational problematic areas in terms of reporting lines, position titles, and structure – and propose Directorate and sections mandates.
  • Develop mandates to meet MOY strategy, National youth strategy.
  • Develop Directorate structure for each directorate.
  • Job description Redesign
  • Developing/redesign job description cards based on competencies using the approved form.
  • Conduct Meeting with section heads, Managers to validate all the new job descriptions.
  • Develop a Job Competencies matrix for each job.
  • Select and customize the appropriate competencies according to the Civil Services Bureau and other global/local competencies framework.
  • Defining general and specific technical competencies related to each Directorates.
  • Develop a description of the specialized competencies and levels.


A work plan that includes the necessary activities to launch and communicate the assignment, in coordination with the HR Lead of the project.

An inception report that descripts the current situation for each Directorate mandates, directorate structure, jobs structures, number of exiting job titles, new job titles, number of jobs for each level, …etc.

  • Technical Competencies Matrix for each directorate
  • Directorates Mandates and internal structure
  • Jobs description based on competencies for all jobs.

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