Proposals Due October 3, 2023

The Scope of Services (“Scope”) outlined below has been established for the purpose of achieving and implementing program goals and objectives described in this document. Although the Scope is intended to serve as a reference in the preparation of the proposal, forthcoming proposals may offer additional services which support the goals of this RFP.

The organization seeks proposals from qualified and experienced Public Relations and Marketing

firms with expertise in health care practices to provide public relations and marketing consulting and support services including, but not limited to:

1. Create, develop, and implement a marketing and public relations strategic plan for NHCC, both verbal and visual.

2. Design outreach and communication strategy to attract and engage healthcare consumers in NHCC through targeted tactics.

3. Issue internal and external publications through newsletters, local media, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet-based outlets, social media and appropriate trade and business publications.

4. Aide in aspects of crisis management.

5. Spearhead publicity initiatives to promote and increase awareness of NuHealth and its services and create and implement new public relations and marketing campaigns.

6. Draft speeches as needed on relevant healthcare issues.

7. Monitor news cycles for relevant media and marketing exposure to further NHCC’s mission.

8. Actively seek out and build strategic relationships with approved individuals and public figures in an effort to assist in the furthering and promoting of the mission and brand of NHCC.

9. Other forms of support in areas of public relations, marketing, and communication as may be assigned.

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