Creative RFP Issued By MetroPlan Orlando

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MetroPlan Orlando is seeking a qualified firm to provide graphic design services on an as-needed basis.


MetroPlan Orlando leads transportation planning efforts in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. We work with elected officials, industry experts, and citizens to set transportation priorities and shape a future system that offers travel options. As a metropolitan planning organization, we also determine how federal and state transportation dollars are spent in the region. We have a comprehensive community outreach program aimed at creating continuous opportunities for the public to learn about and provide input to the transportation planning process. Because transportation touches everyone in Central Florida, we have a wide variety of target audiences for our communication materials. These audiences include: MetroPlan Orlando board and committee members, elected officials, local governments, members of the public, transportation planners, and partner organizations in the transportation industry.

Scope of Work:

The transportation planning process is very complex. Presenting complicated information in a visually compelling, easy-to-understand manner is vital to our organization’s mission. The graphic design firm we seek will be able to create purposeful, clean designs that enhance our messaging while displaying a wide range of information – all without being overwhelming or boring. While we are a government organization, we make a concerted effort to give our communication tools a decidedly non-government tone and feel. We want our materials to be engaging, educational, and relatable.

Graphic design work will be done on a per project basis. Potential work could include the creative concept, design, layout and production of: • Printed and digital publications such as annual reports and brochures • Graphics for use on social media or website • Covers for technical reports • Infographics / Fact Sheets • PowerPoint visuals Before beginning each project, MetroPlan Orlando will request a quote and work with the graphic design consultant to come to a consensus on budget and schedule. The graphic design firm may bring on subconsultants as needed for various needs such as photography, illustration, etc. All content for communication materials will be provided by MetroPlan Orlando. All work will be property of MetroPlan Orlando and raw graphic design files must be submitted at a project’s completion.

Due Date:  Submissions must be received by 12:00 p.m., Thursday, November 4, 2021.


Relevant agencies to consider for this assignment include Ketchum PR and Coyne PR.

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