Digital Media RFP Issued By Trademark East Africa

The objective of this assignment is: 

• To provide website management and support; and

• To upscale TMEAs social media presence and ensure online community receives regular updates on its results and impacts


TradeMark East Africa is a multi-purpose donor funded, not -for-profit Aid for Trade organization, established to support the growth of trade – both regional and international – In East Africa. TMEA operates on a not-for-profit basis and is funded by the development agencies of the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, EU, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, UK, and USA. TMEA works closely with East African Community (EAC) institutions, national governments, the private sector and civil society organizations. 

Established in 2010, TMEA supports a portfolio of programmes across the East Africa Community partner countries, working closely with our partners – the EAC Partner States, EAC Secretariat, the private sector and civil society – TMEA has made a significant contribution to this growth by delivering large scale impact in its highly successful first strategic phase which was completed in December 2017.

TMEA Is now embarking on its second strategic phase for the six years from 2017/18 to 2022/23 known as “Strategy 2” which seeks to increase trade by unlocking economic potential anchored on 2 key outcomes:

• Reduced barriers to trade; and

• Improving business competitiveness. 

We believe there are several pathways from increased trade to sustainable, inclusive prosperity through, for example, job creation, poverty reduction, economic growth, increased government revenue, enhanced economic welfare, and greater economic resilience.

TMEA has its headquarters in Kenya with operations in Burundi, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Somaliland, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

TMEA has recently updated its website which an important asset for the organization providing timely information to TMEAs stakeholders on the various projects under implementation, communicating emerging results and key trends to support partners. It also acts as a knowledge management and networking tool for stakeholders involved in trade facilitation programmes. Similarly, it provides access to resources, project information, country specific information, impact stories, case studies, publications, information about events, tenders, job opportunities and corporate information about TMEA.

TMEA is seeking a vendor to provide expert technical maintenance and support of TMEA’s website ( and to develop and implement technical solutions that improve the portals’ user friendliness and ability to respond to its audience’s needs on an ongoing basis. In addition, the 9 consultant is also expected to provide social media support to enhance TMEA’s digital media presence on various platforms e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc. is active and intriguing to audience.

TMEA website uses WordPress software. The consultant shall be expected to be flexible and responsive to the web portal support services requested as well as provide innovative ideas, develop and implement new features and recommendations to ensure that the website is current and cutting edge.

Scope of Work:

A.      Site hosting & administration 

• Optimize design and functionalities for improved knowledge management, including but not limited to: improved and visually appealing lay out, responsive layout, ensuring intuitive navigation.

• Assure a reliable hosting environment and a stable functioning of the trademarkea.cominternet platform.

• Data backups weekly and code backups as needed. In case of a serious incident, the restoration of the website from the most recent backup needs to be assured.

• Security: Manage all aspects of website security to protect confidential member information and existing content (data, project information, contact details, etc.), and prevent hacks, defacing, etc.

B. Regular technical site & code maintenance 

• Optimize design and functionalities for improved knowledge management, including but not limited to: improved and visually appealing lay out, responsive layout, ensuring intuitive navigation.

 Ensure the WordPress website maintenance. 

• Install software, plug-ins/module/security patches and upgrades including bug fixes and reviewing all compatibility issues.

• Install, upgrade or modify existing modules on sites.

• Manage, edit, update and maintain the site (this includes all development work: CSS/Theming, WordPress, Query, etc.).

C. On-going website development (improvement of site functionalities)

• Analyze the existing web site functionalities

• Maintain on-going development on existing sites and add new features where needed

• Manage, update and improve site navigation and information architecture

• Manage web design; enhancements to the sites’ look and feel on an on-going basis

• Improving existing site designs for layout, graphics, etc., and developing innovative designs 10 • Redevelopment and design of pages/microsites

• Make use of search engine optimization and continuous improvement of the website toward higher social media integration.

D. Specific features 

• Development, design and implementation of new specific features on the websites based on requests from the team. These will occur on demand and the proposal should accommodate approximately 3 days per month for such developments.

E. Social media 

• Develop a weekly and monthly content management plan based on TMEAs existing projects and results using a creative approach across TMEAs existing digital platforms.

• Plan and coordinate social media campaigns that enhance TMEAs projects, results and events across TMEA digital media platforms.

• Maintain and systematically grow TMEAs current on-line community across all platforms.

• Identify, recruit and create conversations around TMEA thematic areas with key influencers ensuring they are engaged in dynamic, interactive and meaningful ways.

• Respond to audience/users in a manner that shows that TMEA truly listens and invites constructive dialogue and commentary

• Gather metrics, analytics using online monitoring and analysis tools and monitor engagement levels on different platforms. Measure what works and make recommendations based upon these measurements.

• Keep track of social media campaigns implemented by TMEA stakeholders including governments, key private sector institutions, investors and international trade organizations and rope in TMEA to join the conversation

• Produce visuals, memes and info graphics for use in social media campaigns • Monitor trends in social media tools and applications and appropriately apply that knowledge to improve TMEA position

• Ensure that all social networking strategies are compliant with TMEA brand regulations and social media guidelines to ensure consistency

• Advice on new digital platforms that TMEA may want to engage in to enhance its presence

• Help create training materials and guidelines, as necessary.

Due Date:

March 1 


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