Digital Media RFP Issued For Philippines United Nations Offices

Digital Media RFP Issued For Philippines United Nations Offices

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was established by the U.N. General Assembly in 1950 to provide protection and assistance to refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs).  Their office in the Philippines is looking to hire a digital media firm.

Purpose of the RFP

The website of UNHCR Philippines ( is its main digital engagement platform, and has been the organization’s window to the public since it went live on 19 June 2013. Together with a media- placement contractor, UNHCR Philippines reaches its target audiences via drive-to-site platforms to achieve its objective to engage financial and non-financial supporters to the refugee cause. This current strategy has shown some promising results, and UNHCR Philippines aims to expand its public engagement reach leveraging on the potential and digital savviness of the Philippine market.

To enhance its online presence, UNHCR Philippines, specifically the PSP unit, seeks to engage new contractors for the following services to reach the targets set for 2017 and 2018:

  • Media-Buying/Placement and/or
  • Development Digital Marketing Strategy


  • To generate revenue from at least 2,400 new donors recruited through direct digital acquisition with the focus on monthly giving donors over the next two years;
  • To acquire 20,000 qualified leads1 who can become prospective donors via direct response2 telemarketing or email marketing;
  • To implement a digital strategy and media-plan on a campaign by campaign basis for a given year or longer future term; and
  • To implement digital activity across platforms including Search, Display, Social, media partnerships, and other opportunities.

Scope of Work


UNHCR envisions to be the first among Philippine charities to successfully achieve a fully integrated approach in offline and digital campaigns.

Campaign and Media-Buying Strategy

UNHCR expects the Contractor to assist Private Sector Partnerships (PSP) Philippine team through:

  • Exploring and reporting on digital penetration and acquisition and engagement potential in the Philippine donor market. Contractor is expected to draw empirical insights on the potential of Philippine donor market to give to a refugee cause. The findings of a market research will be crucial in the formulation of a pitch and determine the donor benchmarks.
  • Developing creative strategies for paid online media for the purposes of donor Acquisition; Lead Generation and Donor Retention tailored to the Philippine market.
  • Creating a framework for measurement of paid online acquisition and user engagement.
  • Establishing an online acquisition and engagement test media plan and roll out an online advertising based on the performance of the tests.
  • Creating mid-campaign and post-campaign reporting and analysis on the online acquisition and engagement test, as well providing recommendations for website improvements (i.e. landing page layout, site usability, information architecture etc.).
  • Following PSP requirements for online fundraising, as well as the establishment of the strategies for executing and measuring paid online media activity namely search engine marketing, banner advertising, social media, among others.
  • Creative Content Development
    The Contractor will be asked to develop and design the creatives to support the campaign.
  • Donor Acquisition
    The Contractor will be responsible for media buying strategy, planning, execution, and ongoing campaign management and analysis. It should develop and execute a results-oriented online media program incorporating best practices in the Philippine digital market.
    Hence, the online media program should incorporate.

    • Online display advertising
    • Paid search engine marketing (including global management of UNHCR’s Google Grants plus Paid account).
    • Affiliate marketing
  • The Contractor should continually provide best-practice reporting and analysis on online media performance, including reporting and recommendations on:
    • Advertising data: impressions, clicks etc.
    • Cost data: media rates, ad-serving rates, effective CPM, effective CPC etc.
    • Conversion data: donations, non-financial actions, conversion rate, CPA etc.
    • Market and competitive landscape trends
  • The Contractor should continually optimize the online acquisition program towards financial targets, based on data. This will include:
    • Adjusting media as required (e.g. investment levels, bids, etc.)
    • Adjusting creative as required (e.g. pausing ads, creating new search copy etc.)
    • Providing market and competitor insights
    • Providing performance-based recommendations for banner advertisement creative adjustments
    • Providing performance-based recommendations for site-side and landing page adjustments to improve conversion levels
    • Providing and assisting with the implementation of tracking– where required – to measure optimization changes
  • The Contractor should maintain a robust analytics framework for the purposes of measuring paid online activity. This will involve:
    • Working with the Philippine PSP team to review and expand upon the current set of metrics for analyzing online media and creative performance for online acquisition and engagement program/campaign (including performance of related online communication initiatives e.g. social media).
    • Leading the implementation of selected platform(s) and assisting PSP team with technical/resource gaps.
  • The Contractor should provide strategic support and analysis to UNHCR for:
    • Thematic and other multichannel campaigns in accordance with its Communications Calendar
    • Using social media and other digital tools to promote new initiatives
    • Identifying influencers for UNHCR and advising how to best engage with them
    • Audience insights and engagement
  • The Contractor should provide advice and support on other digital projects and initiatives for the purpose of acquisition. This could include:
    • Digital campaigns not related to the online acquisition program
    • Mobile marketing solutions
    • Social media strategy and execution
    • Emergency response strategy

Proposal due by December 20th, 2016 to:

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Headquarters in Switerland Case Postale 2500
CH-1211 Genève 2 Dépôt

Among others, Porter Novelli, Ketchum PR and Text 100 have offices in the Philippines.

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