Efficiency Maine Trust Seeks A Communications Company

Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine Trust is seeking a communications and marketing company to help the Trust market its programs and report on its activities.  Project shall includeadvertising, copywriting, editing, event coordination, graphic design, market research, media coordination, outreach campaign coordination, and/or report design and layout.

The Trust is the independent, third-party administrator for energy efficiency programs in Maine. The Trust’s mission is to lower the cost and environmental impacts of energy in Maine by promoting cost-effective energy efficiency and alternative energy systems. The Trust does this primarily by delivering rebates on the purchase of high-efficiency lights and equipment to help customers save electricity, natural gas and heating fuels throughout the Maine economy. The Trust is governed by a stakeholder Board of Trustees with oversight from the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

The Trust’s strategic plan – the Triennial Plan – contemplates eight main programs:

  1. Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Custom;
  2. C&I Prescriptive;
  3. C&I New Construction;
  4. Small Business Initiative;
  5. Consumer Products;
  6. Home Energy Savings Program;
  7. How Income Initiatives;
  8. Renewable Resource Fund.

The Trust markets its programs to potential customers through tailored outreach campaigns across its programs for residential and business customers. These efforts are complemented by the Trust’s Public Information initiatives, which seek to increase general awareness of the benefits of cost-effective, customer-sited energy resources, and of specific efficient technologies, operating practices, and behaviors. These initiatives also provide basic guidance on how to access Efficiency Maine programs. Through numerous communications channels, the Trust urges consumers who are planning to purchase new lighting, appliances, heating systems, and other equipment to consider buying one of the more energy-efficient models available.

Information is disseminated through the Trust’s website, printed flyers and brochures, traditional advertising, social media, and other multimedia tools. The Trust also manages targeted training sessions and attends industry events, such as forums and symposiums. The public information and outreach materials address saving energy and the co-benefits of energy- efficient choices. Co-benefits include lowering energy bills; improving grid reliability and suppressing the price for grid-supplied energy; increasing home comfort; promoting energy independence; reducing harm to the environment and human health; helping the Maine economy through job creation and job retention; and reducing a business’s operating and maintenance costs.

RFP is due by April 28th to:

Anne Stephenson

Efficiency Maine Trust

168 Capitol Street, Suite 1

Augusta, Maine 04330

Phone: (207) 213-4158

Email: anne.stephenson@efficiencymaine.com

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