Emerging Trends in PR Firms Shaping the Marketing World

Emerging Trends in PR Firms Shaping the Marketing World
Emerging Trends in PR Firms Shaping the Marketing World

Expanding paid digital practice, mergers, and acquisitions, reducing the number of employees and sealing major deals with international companies. These are some of the shifts currently experienced in the marketing space, making a huge impact on the services offered by influencer marketing agencies and brands. Spurt in revenues is also another noticeable result of the deployed strategies.


FTI Consulting, a strategic communications group enjoys a steady growth in all of its sectors; from energy to life sciences. The stratcom group registered a 2.8 percent increase in Q2 revenues to $59M.  Global segment leader Mark McCall attributes the success of the firm to “investing in people” with extensive experience in PA and media training which bolsters operations in the geographical areas covered by the firm, which is North America and EMEA regions.

Other firms are taking a different approach. UK defense and aerospace company Cobham will soon partner with Advent International if the $5B bid deal passes the tough scrutiny by British regulators. David Lockwood, CEO of Cobham expresses optimism towards the takeover, stating it will provide a large share of investment the company needs to boosts the quality of products and services offered.

Rogers & Cowan and PMK *BNC

Giant Hollywood-focused PR firm Rogers & Cowan and PMK *BNC have decided to merge into a single agency. Cindi Berger, who is the current chairman and CEO of PMK*BNC believes the move will bring in different attributes from each firm under one roof. The combined PR and marketing firm will represent some of the big names in the entertainment industry such as movie stars, music legends, filmmakers, athletes as well as more than 30 global brands.  Last year PMK*BNC’s professional team saw the exit of co-chairman/CEO Michael Nyman along with other senior executives.

Social Media Influence on PR Firms

The recent announcement from Instagram to hide likes on posts elicited prompt reactions from 5W Public Relations. Ronn Torossian who is the Founder and CEO of the firm affirms that the company will be expanding its paid digital practice in a bid to fortify its client’s brands on the social space. He further added that the change will enable them to come up with “accurate follower counts”.

Redundancies as a Result of Restructure

A third of Uber’s global marketing staff will lose their job after the taxi-hailing business announced a move to restructure the department. In an email from Chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi to employees that was first reported in the New York Times confirmed to staff that the teams were producing “mediocre results”.

Last year chief marketing officer Rebecca Messina quit after less than a year in her role. The company made a loss of $1.01 bn according to the quarterly earnings reports in May.

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