Nassau County Industrial Development Agency Issues Marketing RFP

The Nassau County Industrial Development Agency (the “Agency”) seeks qualified firms and/or persons to provide certain branding, and advertising and marketing services to encourage business investment in Nassau County in furtherance of the Agency’s mission to support and promote economic development and employment opportunities in Nassau County by attracting new companies and industries, as well as assisting current businesses to grow and expand.


The Agency’s mission is to support economic development opportunities in Nassau County and to attract new companies and industries to Nassau County. Further information about the Agency may be found on the Agency’s website

Scope of Work:

The successful respondent or respondents (the “Contractor”) shall be required from time to time upon request of the Agency to;

                (i) DEVELOP branding, marketing and advertising plans that support the Agency’s marketing objectives and strategies,

                (ii) CREATE an integrated advertising campaign strategy that may include but will not be limited to;

                                a. Broadcast and cable television

                                b. Broadcast, satellite, and online radio

                                c. Print

                                d. Social media / mobile / viral campaigns

                                e. Trade shows and events

                                f. Strategic community partnerships and sponsorships

                                g. Online, and

                                h. Out-of-home

                (iii) EXECUTE all media services and materials required to implement the agreed-upon integrated advertising campaign,

                (iv) MANAGE and report on all elements of the agreed-upon integrated advertising campaign,

                (v) REDESIGN the Agency’s website and incorporate increased functionality to include;

                                a. Search engine optimization

                                b. Full mobile integration

                                c. Incorporation of a “push” notification or similar system allowing website users to signup for notices by e-mail or text message

                                d. Visitor data capture, and

                                e. Online client forms (Contact, Application, etc.), and

                (vi) ADDITIONAL SERVICES as may be required by the Agency in the execution of the Agency’s marketing objectives and strategies;

                                a. Strategic planning

                                b. Government agency compliance

                                c. Market research and analysis

                                d. Press and communications development and execution

                                e. Social media management

                                f. Lead generation and qualification

                                g. Coordination with other Agency contractors and partners.

The Agency intends to make an award on an “as-needed” basis and where appropriate, to split the services set forth in this RFQ among various Contractors by establishing a list of responsive and responsible Contractors to provide such services. No assurances can be given as to the number of matters the Contractor will be asked to work on.

Due Date:

August 16th, 2019. 


Nassau County Industrial Development Agency

One West Street

4th Floor

Mineola, NY 11501

Attn: Executive Director

Strong NY PR firms include 5WPR and Rubenstein PR. 

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